NINAS Offers Insight Into Its Opposition To Further National Elections Under 1999 Constitution 

In response to recurring enquiries from anxious members of the public regarding the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS) opposition to the rush towards 2023 Elections under the 1999 Constitution which they have repudiated, the NINAS secretariat has offered an insights into its liberation strategy and why further national elections under the repudiated Constitution mean surrendering to Caliphate conquest.

According to the NINAS Secretariat, in a statement signed and delivered to the Atlantic Post in Lagos by its Coordinating Secretary, Tony Nnadi, on Wednesday, 7 September 2022, the Federation of Nigeria that the founding fathers signed up to in the 1959 Lancaster House Agreements, died in 1966.

“The Invading Fulani Caliphate hijacked the carcass, imposed a choking, Apartheid-like unitary constitutional order (presently codified as the so-called ’1999 Constitution’), and has in the name of an illicit “Federal Government of Nigeria” over that defunct “Federation of Nigeria”, continued their Conquest Onslaught against the rest of Nigeria (i.e., the Indigenous Nations of Nigeria), confiscating our Sovereignties, Key Economic Assets, Key Governmental and Developmental Powers including over Security, Arms, Ammunitions, Electricity Generation and Transmission, Key Infrastructure including Ports, Railways, Aviation, Highways, etc; Elections to Federal and State Offices Countrywide — all by virtue of the 68-Item Exclusive List of the Rogue 1999 Constitution.

“That same Fulani Caliphate had by Military Fiat, imposed the 36-State/774 Local Government Structure that has rendered us a permanent Political Minority in our Homeland in the places of Representation (National Assembly) and Decision-Making (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) as well as Resource Allocation.

“We (South & Middle Belt) are thus completely emasculated while the Fulani are comprehensively empowered to pursue an Ethnic Cleansing Campaign (Conquest and Extermination) against us (Indigenous Peoples), with a view to permanently taking over the entirety of the Nigerian Sovereign Territory and making Nigeria essentially a Fulani Country that will be a homeland to all the Wandering Fulani of the Sahel and beyond. 

“It is against the backdrop of these grim realities that the Liberation Campaign deployed by NINAS, framed itself as an Alliance of the Indigenous Nationalities of Nigeria (South and MB), that effectively ISOLATES the Invading Fulani (and their Collaborators in the Sharia Caliphate), Decisively pursuing the Defeat and DEMISE of the Chief-Enabling Instrument of the Caliphate, the 1999 Constitution.

“It is from the point of the Demise of that 1999 Constitution that all the Components that seek exit from the Union of Death Unitary Nigeria has become for them, will march instantly into their Freedom in Self-Determination; and so, each armed with their SOVEREIGNTY, work out their future Relationships with Compatible Contiguities that hold human life sacrosanct and all men as born equal, to commence the arduous task of reconstruction of their damaged spaces and societies after over 100 years of British/Caliphate destructive disruption.

“This is a Joint Jailbreak for all Nationalities currently trapped in the Failed Lugardian Experiment of 1914. 

“While NINAS is a Special Purpose Vehicle to achieve this Joint Jailbreak, the actual Task of Taking Back our Respective Sovereign Spaces and Reconstruction of our damaged Societies falls squarely on the Constituent Component Blocs of the NINAS Alliance Territories.

“Stated differently, the NINAS Task is done when the Caliphate Monster, defined by the 1999 Constitution and currently parading itself as “Nigeria” is contained, disabled, and dismantled to free its many captives including the Yoruba, the Igbo, the Ijaw, the Tiv, the Bini, the Berom, the Annang, the Efik, the Jukun, Idoma, Urhobo, Kataf and a long list of others.

“The key to our Liberation is in this Coordinated Joint Multi-Regional Action. The Principal Target of that Joint Action is to Take Down the Caliphate Monster called the 1999 Constitution. The Principal Strategy for Taking Down the 1999 Constitution is to Shutdown the Voyage to 2023 Elections under that 1999 Constitution,” the NINAS Secretariat stated.

The Alliance conversely, the following as the two biggest impediments on the pathway to success for its Liberation Campaign:

(1) Let’s-Go-It-Alone Bandwagon whether in the East where the chorus is “Biafra Restoration now” or in the West where the chorus is “Yoruba Nation now”, it claims, runs distorts and debilitates its coordinated joint action strategy which holds the key to the victory against “the invading murderous Caliphate.” 

(2) The other huge setback and impediment to it Liberation, the group also claims is the current voyage to the 2023 Elections under the 1999 Constitution. At a time its Alliance has defeated and delegitimizes the 1999 Constitution, marching to the enforcement threshold of wholesale decommissioning of that engine of fraud, the embattled, desperate Caliphate and its British sponsors, using “our own renegade brethren” and taking advantage of the ill-informed youth, found a way to commence the Voyage to another round of National Elections in 2023 under the 1999 Constitution when Salvation lies in Aborting and Truncating that Voyage, even in the face of the December 16, 2020, Constitutional Force Majeure that placed the Time-Bound, Joint Jailbreak Designs on the Table for the People, at a time the Federal Government-Backed Fulani Conquest Invasion had totally unmasked itself, jettisoning all previous pretenses and disguises.

“It is in this regard that we will invite the attention of all from the South and Middle-Belt across all the Political Parties in Nigeria, particularly the APC and Labour Party, currently heading into 2023 Elections under the Repudiated 1999 Constitution, to beware that what they are doing is dragging the South and Middle-Belt towards the pit of Caliphate Conquest at a time our route of escape from the Existential Threat we are caught in lies in Halting the Voyage to 2023 under the Fraud of  1999. 

“NINAS also invites the Courageous Champions of the PVC Revolution (and the resultant Obi-dient Movement), who genuinely seek Change in the affairs and direction of Nigeria, and who by the PVC Revolution, resoundingly rejected the Status Quo, to come forward and examine with us, the Contents of the Change they seek so that TOGETHER, we can define the  Change we all seek and the Mechanism for Attaining that Change (View the Broadcast titled: “Defining the Change we Seek” – ).

“The Force and Momentum of the Success of that Unprecedented Revolution can be deployed right now against the Real Source of the Complex and Monumental Problems of Nigeria being the Fraudulent 1999 Constitution. Going to 2023 Elections under the 1999 Constitution will mean surrendering the Success of the PVC Revolution to the feet of the Caliphate because the day after the 2023 Elections, the 1999 Constitution will remain intact no matter who wins that Election between PDP, APC, and Labour Party and this will be Grand Victory for the Caliphate. Let us make no mistake: No New President can Change the 1999 Constitution no matter what they say now as Candidates for Election. (View on YouTube, the NINAS Broadcasts titled: “WHY NO NEW PRESIDENT CAN CHANGE THE 1999 CONSTITUTION” – )

“Furthermore, in plunging to 2023 Elections under the 1999 Constitution, there is the additional risk that the Caliphate might, for its own Conquest objectives, truncate the Voyage to that Elections on grounds of gross insecurity as they are already hinting aloud. That would be a calamity we brought upon ourselves simply because we chose to head to the 2023 Elections that we should have shut down in 2022. (View on YouTube, the NINAS Broadcast Titled: “2023 is Caliphate Strategic Decoy for its Conquest Campaign” – ).

“May the Wisdom of God Guide us and may the Mercy of God Prevail,” the NINAS Secretariat further stated.