Niger Delta

NDDC Inaugurates Two Committees To Carryout Finance Auditing

In preparation for forensic audit of its finances, the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has inaugurated two committees; namely, contract documentation and project assessment.

Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Acting Managing Director Joi Nunieh inaugurates two committees for finance auditing.

This was disclosed in a statement signed by its corporate Affair Director Charles Odili on behalf of the acting Managing Director Joi Nunieh.

According to the statement, Dr. Nunieh said that the two committees would continue from where the Contract Verification Committee stopped as well as complement the expected forensic audit of the commission.

She explained that the contract documentation committee will authenticate all documents submitted by contractors while the project assessment committee will visit the various sites to verify contractors’ claims.

“The committees will start work from Feb. 10, even as the commission prepares to defend its budget before the Senate on Feb. 12.

“The just concluded verification exercise has been an eye opener for us. We will address the press on Feb. 10 for a full briefing on the reports from the exercise.

“That report will show Nigerians that we are truly determined to refocus NDDC to properly develop the Niger Delta region,” she said.

Dr. Nunieh revealed that the verification exercise showed a very high level of corruption in the award of contracts running into several billions of Naira.

“Some contract award letters were found to be fake; some of the companies were not registered while some where registered after they had been given contracts.

“Also, some of the companies do not have the requirements prescribed in the Public Procurement Act to handle such projects. We also found out that some individuals have 50 to 100 different (contract) award letters under different names,” she stated.

Nunieh announced that only few contractors showed up for the verification exercise and the Commission would only visit sites of contractors who participated in the assessment.

She also mentioned that only contractors and consultants who executed their contracts to specification would be paid.

“We will work with the Community Development Committees of the various communities and the villages to testify that the roads in their communities are done properly.

“No committee member is allowed to take money from any contractor or contractor attempting to induce committee members. The entire process of assessment is free,” she said.

Dr. Nunieh promised to pay contractors and consultants that are owed between N1 million and N20 million immediately after NDDC verified their debt portfolio and budget was passed.