Nations live in the hearts of men: there is Rwanda; there is no Nigeria – by Tony Nnadi

As we celebrate the exploits of the Post-Genocide Rwanda and its trail-blazing President, Paul Kagamé, let us apply our minds to what made this possible in Rwanda, and not Nigeria.

There is a Rwanda that is their own; a Rwanda to which Paul Kagamé and his People owe their allegiance and loyalty. A Rwanda they wholeheartedly seek to build back and build up into the 21st Century.

The problem is that there is no such Nigeria which we own and to which we owe allegiance and loyalty.

Not me. Not the Igbo. Not the Yoruba, Tiv, nor the Ijaw. Not anyone else except for the blindfolded youth who are forced to sing the self-deprecating delusion of a National Anthem, and recite the self-evident lie of a Pledge, with their hearts full of curses for the same Nigeria that seek their death, hurt and debilitation round the clock.

Not even the Fulani, for their only Allegiance and Loyalty is to the Sokoto Caliphate. Nigeria is their Grazing Grounds and 3m Barrels of a certain Black Oily Liquid called Crude, is daily used to wash down what is grazed. Ijaw and Igbo blood is frequently used to sweeten the Black Oily Liquid into the blend called “Sweet Crude.”

Our first (and maybe only)Allegiances and Loyalties are to our Various Ethnic Groups, not because we are small minded. Zik was not. Ojukwu was not. I am not. No. But because there was no Nigeria anywhere beyond the pretences we put up and beyond the dictates of the British Colonialists.

Awolowo called Nigeria “A Mere Geographical Expression”.

Ahmadu Bello Declared Nigeria “The Mistake of 1914”

To date, no honest attempt has been made to transform the Mistake of 1914 beyond the status of the Mere Geographical Expression it had been since the Lugardian experiment that birthed it in 1914, and so today, you have more than 75% of those you call “Nigerians” including myself, working frantically to put that Nigeria which has become a man-eating monster, to death.

The Caliphate, Fulani/Kanuri/Hausa balance, only hang on to the Gowonian obduracy of keeping Nigeria One by Force, to maintain their Grazing Grounds for as long as they possibly can. Them and their rogue British Sponsors.

Those who wait for when Nigeria that is spilling the blood of the entrapped Peoples of it’s Constituent Components; the true Owners of what the rogue Caliphate has declared the Estate of Uthman Dan Fodio, to suddenly turn around and become filled with Patriotic Citizens who like Paul Kagamé and his fellow Rwandans, build back and build up their society, require a massive deliverance session in whichever Church they pays tithe as no other Church will casually take on that heavy burden of delivering the heavily possessed.