LNC Milestone Notification On Its Referendum Template

As Nigeria wobbles in its terminal throes, and as Politicians continue in their macabre drama of swinging partisan music chairs, the LNC wishes to alert the anxious populace in the Greater Eastern Nigeria as well as the MNN Alliance Territories, of the attainment of the Milestone in its Road-Map, that will usher the Project into the Referendum Threshold.

The LNC Referendum Template, underpinned by the MNN Alliance Framework, is a comprehensive Package of Processes within which the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria, (in response to the year 2000 simultaneous Secession of the 12-State Sharia Contiguity of the Predominantly Muslim Nigeria’s Far North, Green Bloc on the Map below, from the Secular Union of Nigeria), Repudiate and Reject the Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Constitution as the basis of the Nigerian Union, Consensually halting the continued renewal of the Operation of the said 1999 Constitution by shutting down upfront, (2018) preparations to further National Elections (2019) under that Constitution, whilst simultaneously working out FRESH POST-NIGERIA PROTOCOLS amongst and between themselves, to be Ratified by Referendums (and
Plebiscites where necessary).

Between 2015 and 2018, the requisite Regional Proclamations Repudiating and Rejecting the Fraudulent, Imposed 1999 Constitution as the Basis of Nigeria have been formally made by all the MNN Alliance Territories (the Lower Niger, the Yoruba Southwest and the Middle Belt Brown, Blue and Purple on the MNN Map below.

Where things are now (July 2018) is that these MNN Alliance Territories that already Repudiated and Rejected the 1999 Constitution as the Basis of Nigeria, in furtherance of the Self-Determination steps already being taken, are advancing the processes towards REJECTING FURTHER NATIONAL ELECTIONS IN 2019 PREMISED ON THE DEAD 1999 CONSTITUTION, demanding REFERENDUMS in place of such Elections.

As the Convener-In-Chief of the MNN, the LNC will in coming days, issue specific Public Communications to guide the actions that will crystallize the inevitable Transitioning that the fractured Union of Nigeria is heading into.

Those, (especially from the Lower Niger Territory), who wish to participate in these processes should in the meantime acquaint themselves with the broad outlines of the Workings of the Lower Niger Congress Referendum Template by searching out the Public Communications materials on the Subject, available on the LNC website and the Lower Niger Congress Facebook Page as well as the YouTube Channel of the Lower Niger Congress.

The most urgent steps required right now is the dissemination of relevant information and enlightenment amongst the target populace.

www.lnc-usa.org (Diaspora)
FB: Lower Niger Congress
Y-Tube:Lower Niger Congress

Tony Nnadi
July 26, 2018.