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Igbo Genocide in Obigbo is direct outcome of Nnamdi Kanu’s recklessness – Tony Nnadi

By Editor

Tony Nnadi (L) counselling Nnamdi Kanu (R) at the Federal High Court, Abuja, during one of the latter’s bail application in 2017.

Lower Niger Congress (LNC) Secretary General Tony Nnadi has described the ongoing Igbo Genocide in Obigbo, near Port Harcourt, as a direct outcome of the recklessness of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) Supreme Leader Nnamdi Kanu.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari had designated the Kanu-led IPOB as a terrorist organization and banned all its activities countrywide.

The group has however continued to operate around the country in defiance of the Nigerian authorities, which has attracted the fiercest consequences for its footsoldiers, as well as innocent victims.

According to a statement personally signed by him on Sunday, November 1, Mr. Tony Nnadi alleged the Military-led Killing Operations going on currently in Igboland is the direct result of the Killing of Soldiers and Policemen in Igboland by IPOB Footsoldiers as “commanded” by Nnamdi Kanu.

“The Emene Killings was the same: Result of the Recklessness of Nnamdi Kanu.

“The 2017 Quit Notice to the Igbo from the North which resulted in the death and dislocation of countless Igbo in the North was a direct result of the Recklessness of Nnamdi Kanu and his Rogue Biafra Franchise.

“In the spontaneous burning and riots that followed the October 20, 2020 Shooting of EndSARS Protesters at the Lekki Tollgate, the Igbo In Lagos came very close to catastrophic retaliatory attacks from the Yoruba when Nnamdi Kanu recklessly announced that he ordered his boys to burn down Tinubu’s properties in Lagos and hunt down Governor Sanwaoolu, all in a desperate bid to take credit for Actions he knew absolutely nothing about.

“The Igbo Genocide going on in Obigbo right now is the direct outcome of the Recklessness of Nnamdi Kanu in placing a bounty of N100m as reward for the Killing of Governor Wike of Rivers State, after IPOB Footsoldiers carrying out the command of their supreme leader went about killing Soldiers and Policemen in the Obigbo area,” he added

Tony Nnadi lamented the gory pictures and videos still making the rounds on social media of the beheading of the DPO of Awkuzu SARS unit and the parading of his severed head around town.

He also made reference to the videos of Military patrol vans taken over and driven around Aba Town by people he referred to as IPOB zealots which are still making the rounds, and also the several Police Stations burnt down by those same ‘IPOB zealots’.

Tony Nnadi warned that when the bodycount begins to stream in from the inevitable Military Operations that now looms over Igboland, let those who are clapping and cheering on the lunacy of Nnamdi Kanu as “Biafra Restoration” not feign ignorance of how it all came to be.

“These are some of the reasons the ill-conceived advice that Nnamdi Kanu should be left alone in his Rogue Biafra Restoration Franchise, will be ignored by those who reject the massive shedding of innocent blood in Igboland being orchestrated by the Biafra Restoration Merchants.

“Let it also be known that the existential threats facing Igboland at this time is not a matter for popularity contest and so let the support of dishonest ignoramuses who denigrate the measured engagements of the LNC around the Fraudulent 1999 Constitution, stay at bay,” Tony Nnadi further added.