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Gov. Wike Highlights Contributions By Other Arms Of Govt To Success Of His Tenure

  • By Editor

Gov. Nyesom Wike has attributed the volume of performance in the last 6 years of his tenure in office to the robust relationship that exists between the three co-equal branches of government in Rivers State. He said this has created a very good environment for Rivers people to enjoy the dividends of democracy.

Rivers Governor Nyesom Wike (middle) during inspection of the ongoing civil construction work at the official residential quarters of lawmakers of the Rivers State House of Assembly in Port Harcourt on Friday, July 23, 2021.

The governor revealed this in Port Harcourt on Friday, July 23, shortly after inspecting the progress of the ongoing civil construction work at the official residential quarters of lawmakers of the Rivers State House of Assembly.

Governor Wike said every branch of government in the State knows, understands and performs its role without interference and that such independence has engendered a good work environment for each of them to perform their duties creditably.

“So, for us in the State, we believe in the autonomy of each of the arm of government. At the same time, we believe that working together for the interest of the state is better. Autonomy does not mean that each of government will begin to antagonise themselves.

“If they do that, then at the end of the day, it is the state that will lose. Working in harmony, independently and cooperatively, will bring a lot of benefits to the people,” he added

Governor Wike explained that this has helped his administration to continue to deliver on its mandate, in terms of project delivery and provision of services, to Rivers people.

“Frankly speaking, it would have been difficult if we do not have a good, robust relationship between the three arms of government. Yes, we are independent but we work cooperatively to see that the state moves forward.

“If we have the relationship that is not good with the legislature, then how would they have passed the budget for the executive to implement?” He asked.

Governor Wike stressed that the ongoing construction project at the legislative quarters is being executed deliberately in order to provide the lawmakers and their families a befitting residence.

He said similar facility has been built for the judiciary with almost all the judicial officers in the state having their own accommodations.

“Having done that, we also felt, the second arm of government, which is the legislature should also have their own residence. It will be where they can put their heads together, their families can stay and have a good environment where they can work.

“This is four (4) bedroom duplex of 32 units meant for every member of the State House of Assembly. We have 32 constituencies, which means we have 32 members of the House of Assembly,” he further stated.

Gov. Wike expressed delight over the quality of work done already by the contractor, Lubrik Construction Company, and said he expects them to handover the completed project to State Government in December 2021 for commissioning by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila.

Accompanied by Senators Lee Maeba and Sam Anyanwu, the governor explained that the legislature deserves the best because they represent the people directly.

“The legislature is as important as the other arms of government, particularly because they do not conclude their work without having a direct input of the people before passing any law.

“You cannot say that for such arm of government that directly represents the people should not have a befitting accommodation,” he declared.

Governor Wike also noted the amount of jobs the project has provided for youths in the State.

Speaking with the workers on site, he encouraged them to be committed to their work and maintain cordial relationship with the management of the company.

“Look at the number of people who are working here. Assuming we don’t have this kind of project. This is one particular project but look at the number of people that are being employed and then multiple it with the number of projects going on simultaneously in the state, that will tell you the number of persons who are being employed in the state.”