Conspiracy theory: Rivers APC accuses Abe of plotting with Wike to manipulate courts

By Editor

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Rivers State chapter has floated a new conspiracy theory that purports that Sen. Magnus Abe, former Senator and Secretary to the State Government, and Gov. Nyesom Wike have perfected plans to manipulate the Courts in the state for the purpose of destabilizing the party.

Former Senator Magnus Abe (Left) and Transportation Minister Rotimi Amaechi, once allies, now foes.

Without any shred of evidence, the Rivers APC Spokesman, Mr. Ogbonna Nwuke, made an unsubstantiated claim in a statement on Wednesday, August 11, that “as the Judiciary prepares to go on recess it has uncovered two plots by the former senator and his external collaborators to undermine its stability.”

Mr. Nwuke alleged that there is a plot to assign some judges who he spuriously claimed have been used in the past by Governor Wike and Senator Abe to destabilise the party as vacation judges.

Furthering his party’s conspiracy theory, the state publicity secretary also alleged that another case similar to the one placed before Justice Ben Whyte, which is seeking to secure an injunction against the APC, has been filed in court.

“We have repeatedly accused Governor Nyesom Wike who has been dubbed “Father Christmas”, of meddling in the internal affairs of the APC, using Senator Abe as a tool.

“During the last BoT meeting of the PDP, senior members of the opposition blamed the Rivers State Governor for engaging in ignoble acts which have greatly resulted in the destabilization of the PDP.

“Similarly, the mass media is awash with series of publications alleging that in an attempt to remove a fellow Rivers man from the exalted position of National Chairman of the PDP, Governor Wike was ready to offer N50 million to each principal member of the party’s NWC, so they could resign in order to force the establishment of a caretaker committee.

“These events, coupled with the Governor’s remarks that he is unfairly being described as Father Christmas by his own party proves the point that we have persistently made.

“We have consistently maintained that Governor Wike is responsible for the rascality displayed by some erring members of our great party who have apparently sold their souls to the devil.

“We have reportedly laid claim to the fact that officials of the Rivers State Government led by Governor Wike have been using these persons whose membership of the party is in doubt to file a litany of court cases.

“Above all, what is playing out within the PDP has proved that the Rivers Governor has been using Rivers money, belonging to Rivers people, to bribe all manner of people, including PDP members at the National Secretariat, corrupt judges, electoral officials, and hungry politicians within our ranks in an effort to destabilize the system and damage the integrity of the Rivers judiciary.

“As we speak, we have come upon credible information that allies of Governor Wike and Senator Magnus Abe have lined up new cases that are being filed by different persons at this time.

“We have also learnt that some members of a judicial ring that has been used repeatedly in the past to deliver objectionable decisions are to be used as vacation judges.

“The plan is to secure injunctions by any means possible; injunctions intended to halt the APC, which by the grace of God, and the leadership of Rt. Hon Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transportation, is transforming into the mainstream party of the Rivers people.

“We have decided to bring the evil plots that are being hatched to the notice of the general public. We urge Rivers people to prevail upon the Governor to go slow on his agenda to destabilize democratic structures, including his own political platform, using Rivers money to achieve such Machiavellian objectives.

“We are watching and this time, we will not keep quiet. We will speak! We are already monitoring their every move. We know who the collaborators are.

“This time, we shall not spare the rod. We shall disclose their identities and employ means that are legitimate for the purpose of:

  1. Ensuring stability, cohesion, progress, orderliness and unity of our party in line with the provisions of the law;
  2. Exposing the collaboration of the Rivers State Government with certain persons in the Judiciary who, we have reason to believe, are collaborating with Senator Magnus Abe;
  3. Promoting good governance anchored on public accountability, transparency, decency and the prudent use of resources belonging to Rivers people,” the Rivers APC spokesman further stated.