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Opinion | The Tragedy Of Chasing Rats While The Igbo House Is On Fire: An Open Memorandum

Opinion: The Tragedy Of The Igbo Chasing Rats While The Igbo House Is On Fire: An Open Memorandum To The Conveners Of The January 4, 2022 “Awka Grand Political Dialogue.” Written by Tony Nnadi from the Perspective of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS).

Opinion | Gov. Amaechi’s Statement On 2015 Foreign Reserve: Setting The Records Straight

On May 29, 2015, President Buhari inherited a foreign reserve of $28.6 billion, according to official data still present on the website of the Central Bank of Nigeria, as well as $5.6 billion Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas Limited dividends. Also, a 2015 budget of over 4 trillion Naira was handed over to the incoming administration by the outgoing Jonathan government.

Opinion | Is it sensible to go to elections in 2023 under this raging insecurity?

“A difference between the people of Western countries and the people of Nigeria, is in how they each deal with (existential) threats. The way that violence and evil are spreading in Nigeria and the horrific manner that entire communities are slaughtered, and with even children maimed and raped, then hacked to death, is alarming, yet there has been no adequate response so far from the majority of citizens,” Ndidi Uwechue writes in Opinions.