Kano State

Buhari Explains Why Kwankwaso Should Leave Him Out Of Sanusi’s Removal And Kano Debacle

President Muhammadu Buhari vehemently insisted on Wednesday that he has no involvement whatsoever in the dethronement of HRH Muhammadu Sanusi II from the position of Emir of Kano and that all such insinuations are untrue, malicious and politically motivated.

Garba Shehu, the President’s Senior Special Assistant (Media & Publicity), communicated his denial through a press release.

He said the President does not have a history of intervening in the affairs of any state in the country, unless the issue at hand is of national consequence.

“On such matters which impinge on national security, he has a duty of involvement as the law stipulates.

“As outlined in the Constitution, the appointment or removal of emirs and other traditional leaders is strictly within the jurisdiction of state governments. It is unfair and disingenuous of opposition politicians to try to link the situation in Kano State to the federal government and the Nigerian President.

“Although a retired General and former Military Head of State, President Buhari clearly understands that under the current democratic dispensation, the government at the centre cannot read instructions or twist the arms of all or any of the 36 state governments making up the federation. They all have their powers specified under the Constitution.

“President Buhari commends the people of Kano for keeping calm in the past few days of the dethronement announcement. He prays that the will of Allah will be done at all times, and that the emirate/state and its people continue to experience progress irrespective of who is on the throne,” Garba Shehu further stated.

Former Kano State Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso had accused President Buhari of ordering the dethronement of Muhammadu Sanusi II as the emir of Kano.

Sanusi was removed from the throne on Monday by Kano State Government.

The state accused Sanusi of the “Emir is in total disrespect to lawful instructions from the office of the governor and other lawful authorities” and said his removal was effected to “sanctity, culture, tradition, religion and prestige.”

But Kwankwaso, who installed Sanusi as the emir in 2014, said the former emir was removed to please Buhari.

“President Buhari is interfering in the affairs of Kano State,” Kwankwaso told BBC Hausa on Wednesday.

The former Kano governor said state officials told him the president ordered the Sanusi’s dethronement.

Aminu Ado Bayero has since been named as the new emir.

Sanusi is a fierce critic of the Nigerian Government, Kano State leadership and the northern establishment.

There were unconfirmed reports that he supported the opposition against Kano State Umaru Ganduje when he sought reelection in 2019.

After winning the reelection, Ganduje, who was the deputy governor to Kwankwaso, ordered the balkanisation of the Kano Emirate into four smaller units – The government said the vision was necessary to better administer the emirate.