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#BREAKING: Wanted Rivers PDP Youth Leader Replies Gov. Wike From Hideout

Mr Princewill Osarojiji – whom Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike has put a N5 million bounty on – has reacted to the allegations levelled against him by the government.

Osarojiji, who is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Youth leader in Eleme Local Government Area of the State, gave his own side of the story Friday on NigeriaInfo FM, Port Harcourt.

He stated that the person masterminding his downfall is the State Commissioner for Finance, Mr Isaac Kamalu – his relative who doesn’t want him to grow politically – who allegedly misinformed Wike that Osarojiji owned and operated the now-demolished Prodest hotel, during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Osarojiji denies owning the hotel, claiming he last saw the hotel owner, who resides in Lagos, five years ago – and may not even recognise him again.

On the allegations that he ordered thugs to beat up the lockdown enforcement team – who went to shut down the hotel – leaving some of them in critical conditions, and one reportedly dead, Osarojiji denied any wrongdoing.

He said the acclaimed sick people, who he simply gave their names as Kolowa, Appollous, and Abuchia were among those that distributed the state government palliatives on Sunday evening after the demolition had taken place and wondered how they could suddenly become sick after distributing palliatives.

Osarojiji stated that those bandages were all staged-manged, saying the men hastily rushed to the hospital and pretended to be in pains when the governor was set to appear live on television for interviews on the demolition of the hotels.

He argued that if it’s really true that somebody was killed during the alleged attack, the state government should provide his name and family to enable residents to go for a condolence visit.

“What happened was that some persons were in front of the hotel and when the COVID-19 taskforce members saw them, they went there and demanded N100,000 from the management alleging that they were operating and because of that, the hotel manager called me and when I arrived at the hotel, the gate of the hotel was closed and fortunately I know all the task people making such demands because I gave them the job.

“So, I asked them why they will be denting the image of the state government by demanding money from citizens, then, I ordered them to leave the hotel, but Mr Kamalu went and informed the governor that I was operating the hotel with some hoodlums, that was why the governor got angry and came the following day and demolished the hotel,” he said.

The PDP youth leader expressed willingness to submit himself to the security agencies or to the governor but appealed that he should be granted a fair hearing.

I’m not a cultist.
He denied the accusation that he’s a cultist, and also said: “I’m not hiding, all I want is for the governor to invite everyone in Eleme, the chiefs, traditional rulers, the security agencies, then I will come out and we all will sit down and unravel the truth.”

He added: “I appeal to the governor to withdraw his decisions and properly investigate the whole saga, he was only misinformed and he acted in anger.

The PDP Youth leader in Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State, Mr Princewill Osarojiji says he was framed up.

“Governor Wike is my Governor, I will not disobey him, I have always been committed to the fight against COVID-19, he should calm down and listen to my part of the story.”