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Again, President Buhari Treats Terrorists, Militiamen From His Ethno-religious Group With Kid Gloves

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has again treated rampaging terrorists and militiamen who are members of his ethno-religious group with kid gloves after they sacked two indigenous communities burning down houses and killing multitude of residents.

In a veiled display of clannishness, President Buhari merely condemned the latest round of invasion of Damkal and Tsanwa villages in Batsari local government area of Katsina state and said that killing people in the name of revenge is not acceptable.

Reacting to the incident in which many homesteads were razed by fire with many people killed at weekend, the President in a statement on Sunday warned that no one in the country has a right to take laws into their hands by way of self-help or revenge.

In his typical way of protecting the criminal attackers from facing counterattacks or retribution, he warned local communities to hand over the suspected invaders, when they are caught, to law enforcement authorities instead of meting out capital punishment, leading to a cycle of revenge and counter revenge.”

He urged community leaders and the local authorities to continue their efforts in partnership with law enforcement agencies that bring the surrender of killer herdsmen, leading to peace.

“The authorities must be allowed to investigate and deal with any breach that occurs. There is no place for violence in a decent society,” said the President.

President Buhari said he prayed that God will comfort families that have lost loved ones in the attacks and repose the souls of the victims.