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Askira Uba: Troops eliminate scores of ISWAP commanders, footsoldiers in counter offensive

Nigerian troops have eliminated over 50 Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) terrorists and destroyed several of their combat equipment in a fierce counter offensive in Askira Uba LGA, Borno State.

Opinion | Development and nation-building for Nigeria’s future

“The calls for restructuring have not been heeded. Constitutional provisions on federal character have been ignored and even symbolic gestures to make all groups feel that they are part of the Nigerian family have been scorned as though they are a sign of weakness,” Atiku Abubakar says at the public presentation of the book, Remaking Nigeria: Sixty Years, Sixty Voices.

Opinion | Insecurity Will Only Expand And Fester With Buhari

“One, Buhari is an inherently solipsistic narcissist. In other words, he is fundamentally and unalterably self-centered. The only person Buhari cares about is Buhari. That is why he spends billions of naira of the nation’s resources to treat even his littlest ailments in London while hospitals are denuded of basic medicines and ordinary people die of easily treatable illnesses,” writes Farooq Kperogi.