A Memo To The Prodigal Leaders Of Southern And Middle Belt Nigeria

By Tony Nnadi

Let it be recalled that by this Press Statement titled : “MARCHING TO AN AK-47 BATTLE WITH AN ENEMY-CONTROLLED PVC: THE TRUE DEFINITION OF FOLLY” issued April 28, 2018 when the noise about 2019 Elections and the almighty PVC was at its fever-pitch decibel, (Open the link : https://www.facebook.com/618603708275794/posts/1442204332582390/ ), the LNC raised a loud alarm about the folly of pinning hopes on the plastic cards called “PVC” in a battle in which the adversary wielded the lethal AK-47 assault rifles.

Now in June 2019, the looming consequences of that folly must have dawned on the blind, deaf and dumb promoters of the PVC inanity especially those from Southern Nigeria and the Middle Belt. It is your collective “wisdom” that has coronated the current helmsmen who have completely emasculated and banished your Blocs from banquet table in Abuja and left the People you pretend to represent, think and speak for, utterly disillusioned and hopelessly and vulnerable to the schemes of the AK-47-Wielding-Side.

Perhaps a few more mass burials in your various communities will wake you up to the dangers the LNC and its MNN Partners saw, way ahead and which the MNN-inspired Joint Multi-Regional FREEDOM PARK PROCLAMATION hollered about on December 11, 2018 under aegis of the NIGERIAN INDIGENOUS NATIONALITIES ALLIANCE FOR SELF-DETERMINATION if your heads are still on your shoulders at that time. (Open this link to see the Proclamation : https://www.facebook.com/618603708275794/posts/1427239224078901/ ).

Perhaps the grim reality of FULANIZATION and ISLAMIZATION as recently encapsulated by Nigeria’s Former Presisident, Olusegun Obasanjo (the erstwhile Captain of the Ship of the Gun-Wielding side), will now persuade a few more of you from the South and the Middle Belt, but especially the Easter Half of Southern Nigeria (the Lower Niger), to reach back to your defrauded and traumatized People in whose name you have over the years, angled for, and obtained much benefits for yourselves, to help plot the way out of the Caliphate Prison into which you have plunged them. (Open this link to the YouTube video clip titled : “UNRAVELLING THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE CALIPHATE PRISON” : https://youtu.be/Wx28GmVb3Oc )

For the sake of the distressed populace in the aforementioned endangered Territories and as a prelude to the inevitable jailbreak from the Caliphate Prison, the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners are willing to receive back and guide the prodigal and estranged “Leaders” the South and Middle Belt towards the path of rectitude and reconciliation with their various Peoples if foolish pride, arrogance and reckless obduracy can be tamed.

They will however do PENANCE otherwise it will be EXTREME UNCTION at the door of the reconciliation. Let those who do not understand these sacramental terms ask their Catholic friends.

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Email: info@lowernigercongress.org
Website: http://www.lowernigercongress.org

Tony Nnadi, LNC Secretary General, wrote in from Washington D.C. on June 13, 2019.