Woman Says ‘Tired Of Husband’, Seeks Divorce

KADUNA (NAN) – middle aged woman, Fatima Yakubu, on Monday told a Sharia Court sitting at Magajin Gari, Kaduna that she was tired of her husband, Yakubu Kasim and wanted a divorce.

The complainant who is a resident of Dirkaniya area of Kaduna, said she was ready to return the dowry her husband paid, to redeem herself from the marriage.

“I am tired of this man, I just want divorce”, she told the court.

On his part, the defendant who resides in same location with the complainant, said he still loves his wife and could not remember any misunderstanding between them.

The husband added that even though they were not blessed with a child in the six years of their marriage, he had always been good to his wife.

The Judge, Malam Dahiru Lawal, after listening to both parties said: “There is no compulsion in marriage and in Islam, a wife has the right to seek divorce through Khul’i (redemption) if she is no longer interested in a marriage.”

The judge, however, adjourned the case to March 7, for the couple settle their differences.

Lawal stressed that the court would not compel the wife to stay in the marriage.

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