What Fayemi did, explained by Senator Ojudu Babafemi

Fayemi murdered democracy in Ekiti with impunity and sheer corruption and now he sleeps no more.

1. NWC stacked the committee conducting the election in his Favor. As a result they intentionally engaged in shoddy preparation. The head of the delegation is Fayemi’s landlord and friend, the secretary was his business partner. Even after complaint was raised, the secretary stepped down to member but still remained.

2. Guidelines were not released and prepared. It was being made up and changed in real time to suit one candidate. Anyone that witnessed the event can affirm this. And all the while Fayemi was on the phone, directing what those guidelines should be.

3. In order to enforce his will, delegate buying was employed . But this typically fails in secret ballot especially in a literate state like Ekiti, hence all his tactics was to buy the committee to comprise secret balloting. To this end:

A. Venue was selected to be open and lacking privacy.

B . The use of security agents to intimidate delegates who were camped overnight and then bused to venue. Those delegates were then being directed by the head of DSS in the state as well a guy working for anti-terror police in voting area. In fact, some of those agents voted. Why do we need armed customs agent at a primary voting venue?

C. Thugs shipped into the state invaded the grounds jjst as voting started and unleashed terror when appropriate on delegates to further intimidate

D. Bused Delegates were given a ballot paper serial number recording paper with pen to be submitted to Fayemi agent to obtain their balance of bribe (said to be 900,000 Naira) which again proves Fayemi has NWC in his pocket as how else will he obtain the ballot paper after vote to verify and pay the bribes?

E. Delegates were also using a familiar tactic of calling Fayemi agents to “direct them to vote” based on literacy or eyesight issues (another way to verify and pay) when images were on display and no illiterate can claim he doesn’t know his delegate.

The proof of his call as well as well as delegate buying and ballot paper recording acts are well documented.