Tuberculosis: Organisation treats 68 children in Borno

An international medical organisation, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) says it has provided free treatment to 68 children suffering from tuberculosis in Borno in the past six months.

MSF, otherwise called Doctors without Borders, said on Monday in Maiduguri that the children were treated at its medical facility at Fori area of Maiduguri.

Dr Muhammad Abdullahi, the organisation’s Medical Officer in charge of tuberculosis treatment, who spoke on the sideline of activities to commemorate 2018 World Tuberculosis Day, said most of the children had completed their treatment.

Abdullahi said 26 of the children had completed the first two months of intensive therapy, while 42 were on regular follow up.

He explained that the children had gone through two phases of treatment, namely intensive therapy and regular follow up.

He added that the six months treatment including clinical examinations, drugs and counselling were provided free at the centre.

The medical officer noted that patients were sensitised on the need to adhere to prescription, to enhance compliance and cure the disease.

He said “tuberculosis is curable; it is also related to malnourishment and there is need for those on treatment to eat well.

“Parents were sensitised on the symptoms of the disease such as prolong cough, night sweat and weight loss.


“Parents and care givers were also advised to present children for BCG immunisation, seek early medication and avoid staying in congested places.”

Federal Government recently introduced a new pediatric anti-TB formulations to enhance treatment of drug susceptible tuberculosis in children. (NAN)