The Federal arrest of the Nnewi Master-plan as a microcosm of the arrest of development of Igboland and advancement of Igbo people in Nigeria – by Tony Nnadi

  • This will be my Tribute to Prof J.O.C Onyemelukwe, just laid to rest in Nnewi, April 2018 as I mourn with his son and my friend, Obiora Onyemelukwe.

While lamenting the atrocious Post-War Punitive Policies of the so-called “Federal Government” of Nigeria in Igboland and the heinous outcomes, Chike Onyemelukwe wrote as follows:

“By plan since after the War, the Zone by Official Federal Government Policy was denied Infrastructure to support meaningful Development. Roadways, Water, Electricity, Seaports, Airports, Federal Institutions, Foreign Embassies. NotIgb only that, Self-Help Community efforts was outlawed right after the war in East Central State. It was outlawed, because Nnewi developed a Master-Plan for Nnewi that would have Nnewi businesses headquartered at Nnewi, with a Market bigger than Onitsha Market with Roads and Highways to the Food-Producing areas. It was at the stage of raising the Funds in the Nnewi traditional manner that the news got to the Federal Government. East Central State was forced to pass an Edict, to the effect that any Community that raised Funds for Community Projects, shall forward the raised Funds to the State Government. The State will decide what the money will be used for and where. Some will remember that at the end of the War, people were forced to drive from Sokoto, from Lagos, from Madugiri to Nnewi for Motor Parts. By 1973 the Roads and lack of structures forced the business people to relocate to Lagos and from there to other parts of Nigeria with roads and etc. Our people were forced out of Igboland. The Professor that led the effort on the Master Plan for Nnewi at that time was buried Thursday last week, Prof J. O. C. Onyemeluke. He drove from Ibadan every two weeks in a Volkswagen Beetle, for a working meeting with other professionals.”

As it was for shutting down the Nnewi Master- Plan, so it was for shutting down the only Power Plant in Igboland at Oji River built by the Government of the then Eastern Region to Provide Electricity to the Eastern Nigeria.

So it was for shuttering the entire Eastern Economic Corridor which includes the Ports of Port Harcourt and Calabar and which forced the almost 80% of Importers in Nigeria, who are Igbo, to ship in their merchandise through Lagos Ports and then run the gauntlet from Customs, to Police to all manners of Robbery-Style Tax Roadblocks.

So it was for the deliberately degraded “Federal” Road Infrastructure across the East which in turn ruined all other Roads.

So it was for the deliberate
De-Industrialization of Eastern Nigeria from the lofty heights already attained during the Premiership of M.I Okpara under an Eastern Region Industrial Master-Plan that became the support-frame for the miracle-grade Biafra’s Technological leap into the future;

So it was for the targeted, deliberate degradation of human Capital with the omnipotent Quota System which severely constricted academic opportunities for our People by near-impossible entry-point requirements but lavishly avails the same opportunities to the others at ridiculously lowered, almost-nil entry-point requirements; (Unity Schools, JAMB, NDA etc).

So it was with the glass- ceiling placed on the Igbo in the Public Service of the Federation, Armed Forces, Police and other Security Services of the Federation.

So it was with the many Policy obstacles deliberately placed on the way of Igbo-owned businesses while mind-boggling concessions are granted their competitors from elsewhere thus while Ibeto had to be run out of one cement town, Dangote had to be airlifted into several cement towns. Innoson Motors is still embroiled in the FG-Induced-Shut-Igbo-Down miasma.

In response to these malevolent offerings of Nigeria to the Peoples of Eastern Nigeria, a generation has arisen to extricate the Territory from the vicious, backward “British/Caliphate Suzerainty” the World calls “Nigeria”

The LNC is in the vanguard of the decisive Self-Determination push, targeted at collapsing the Caliphate-Imposed, Worse-Than-Apartheid, Master-Servant Constitution 1999 to free the entrapped and Occupied Eastern Nigeria into Independence via a Referendum.

Tony Nnadi is the Secretary General of Lower Niger Congress (LNC) and Movement for New Nigeria (MNN)

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