The chasm between Ango Abdulahi’s “no restructuring” and Ezeife’s “Orkar’s Nigeria”: to say and to do.

By Tony Nnadi

Amidst the charged disputations and altercations about the wobbling Federation of Nigeria, Prof Ango Abdulahi, (a former Vice-Chancellor of the Ahmadu Bello University) who presents himself as the Spokesman of “the North” has repeatedly posited that “the North will not allow Restructuring “.

In a direct response to Ango Abdulahi, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife, (a former Governor of Anambra State) who is eminently qualified to be described as a Spokesman for Eastern Nigeria, says that the failure or refusal to Restructure will land everybody to the default of “Orkar’s Nigeria”, meaning, Nigeria, minus the 12-State Sharia Caliphate Contiguity as depicted by the 1990 Orkar’s excision of the Sharia North. The Territory covered by that 1990 Excision is exactly the Green Bloc on the MNN Map below.

The further delineation the LNC did was to group the rest of Nigeria into 3 cohesive formations of Yoruba Contiguous Territory (Blue Bloc), the Lower Niger (Brown Bloc), and the Middle Belt (Purple Bloc), which will work out amongst themselves, fresh Post-Nigeria Protocols.

It is one thing to postulate. It is another, to emplace a viable Design, Framework and Strategy to deliver the desired outcome.

Our Caliphate adversaries in the British-made fraud we call “Nigeria” seem to understand this all-important distinction a lot better than the Political Thought-Leaders of Southern Nigeria, especially the Eastern Half of that South.

The likes of Anglo Abdulahi are the megaphones of the shrinking and sinking Caliphate, who in the name of “the North” spew out to the rest of us, in the most arrogant and uncouth manner, what that tiny band of Caliphate hegemons already decided upon, with a framework of enforcement strategy already emplaced. Hitherto they had got away with almost all their planned atrocities because no Strategic counterpoise had been initiated by any other Bloc.

On the other hand, what we and our own Political Spokespersons do is basically to speak in reaction, with absolutely no Designs, Frameworks and Strategies to enact our postulations.

Case in point is the ill-defined and totally vacuous ongoing “Restructuring” debate.

Whether anyone here understands it or not, the Aburi Sovereign Conference of January 1967, was a demand by the then injured Eastern Nigeria for the Restructuring of the badly damaged Nigerian Federation after the events of 1966.

The Agreement (Accord) reached in Aburi got abandoned upon return to Nigeria by one side, the Caliphate-driven so-called “Federal Government ” (forget willing-tool figurehead called Yakubu Gowon).

The disputations ensuing from that abandonment of the Aburi Accord resulted in the War of 1967-1970, levied to force the breakaway Eastern Region (Biafra) back to the Union of Nigeria which had become a full-blown Unitarism.

Between 1970 and 1974, the Caliphate-led Victorious side in the War, played many Post-War Policy strokes to choke up and manacle the East including the heinous heist of Biafra currency conversion policy of £20-per-prewar-account, the Abandoned Property mass expropriation, the atrocious Indigenization Policy asset redistribution exercise, etc)

By 1975, the arrowhead of the July 1966 Counter-Coup, Murtala Mohammed, chalked off the Caliphate mask called Yakubu Gowon and went straight to the serious business of Commissioning the Constitutional Instruments that would make permanent, the Master-Servant Nigeria that had emerged since 1970, from their conquest.

This was how we arrived at the so-called “1979 Constitution” with a validating pretence called the “Constituent Assembly” of 1977.

It was this 1979 Victory Charter that was edited 20 years later, via Abdusalam’s Decree No. 24 of 1999 and hoisted up as “1999 Constitution”, to make Master-Servant Nigeria permanent, all within the Caliphate Dominion Script.

As a Consolidating Strategy, the Caliphate went ahead to wrest power violently from the rest of Nigeria, using their informal military wing called Boko Haram which has since March 2015 been rebranded and redeployed as the “Fulani Herdsmen” to advance the Caliphate Script of CONQUEST and COLONIZATION in response to the fatal blow already dealt the Caliphate Sole Title Deed over Nigeria, the 1999 Constitution, by the Centrifugal Forces seeking an immediate termination to, and a complete Reconfiguration of the failed Lugardian experiment of 1914 tagged “Nigeria”, into cohesive, viable units of Successor-States that will forge fresh Protocols as willing, compatible contiguities, in unfettered Self-Determination, as against the Caliphate-led Centrifugal Forces struggling to keep Nigeria one by Force.

The LNC and its MNN Alliance Partners are in the vanguard of these Centrifugal Forces of the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria.

The current Caliphate Taquiyya (deadly stealth) is to railroad the rest of Nigeria to another round of National Elections in 2019 under the All-empowering/All-enshackling 1999 Constitution, while it rapidly advances its violent Southward Conquest and Colonization Campaign inside 2018 even as it busies the rest of Nigeria with the chase of PVC and mundane permutations on who will be President now and next.

The tragedy we have at hand is that while the Caliphate has deployed its Designs, Framework and Strategies in pursuit of it’s Objectives of permanently retaining the Master-Servant One-Nigeria on the terms it imposed since 1967 but now codified as 1999 Constitution), upon which basis their rickety parrot called Ango Abdulahi now comes running his mouth on No-Restructuring, Eastern Nigeria sits on it’s hands as if under some very thick spell, totally unmindful of the clear and present dangers of existential threat to the East, represented by the Caliphate designs and maneuvers.

Nevertheless the East goes around Postulating, through the likes of Chukwuemeka Ezeife, some vague talk about “Orkar’s Nigeria” whilst chanting the jaded “Restructuring” homily but refusing to meaningfully engage the Eastern Nigeria Centrifugal Forces which already deployed a clear Design, Framework and Strategy capable of delivering the “Orkar’s Nigeria ” outcome.

Even the unarguably uncharted Biafra-or-Death quick-dash- accross-the-frontline, was terribly mismanaged by the Eastern Nigeria Leadership Collective. The Yoruba managed the OPC imbroglio much better and have gone ahead to repudiate the fraudulent 1999 Constitution as the basis of Nigeria, at the September 7, 2017 Ibadan Declaration.

There lies the chasm between the sayings of Okwadike’s Eastern Nigeria and the doings of Ango Abdulahi’s Caliphate-North.

Tony Nnadi is the Secretary General of Lower Niger Congress and Movement for New Nigeria.