Syria discovers deadly military chemical plant

Syrian army has discovered a clandestine plant in Eastern Ghouta that was used by the terrorists to produce military-grade agents.

They deadly chemical plant had equipment of Saudi origin and materials presumably made in Western countries.

The plant is located in al-Shefounieh town in the area of Duma.

Among other toxic chemicals, chlorine was found at the site and that the papers of the Jaysh al-Islam militant group were also discovered.

A Syrian field commander said that high-tech equipment was found at the plant, which indicates that European and Saudi experts could have been involved in the illegal production, according to the agency.

On Monday, Syrian government troops discovered, during a mopping-up operation in a village in Eastern Ghouta, another secret workshop constructed for production of various chemical munitions.

Last week, Syrian authorities have sent more than 100 letters to the UN Security Council confirming that terrorist groups own chemical substances that they use against civilians.

However, the UN-OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM) presented last October to the UN Security Council a report on the April 4 chemical incident that took place in Khan Sheikhoun of the Syrian Idlib province, reportedly killing over 80 people with a toxic nerve agent sarin.

The report blamed the Syrian government for the alleged gas attack. The panel also accused the Daesh terrorist group of using chemical weapons in an attack on Syria’s Um Housh in September 2016.

The Russia’s Mission to the United Nations said that the report looked more like an amateur document and was based mostly on assumptions and selective use of facts.

Eastern Ghouta was seized by militants in 2012. According to Syrian Army estimates, there are 10,000-12,000 militants in the region. (Sputnik)