Suit Seeking To Nullify INEC Guidelines For 2019 Election Commenced At The Federal High Court Today

Federal High Court set to hear Motion seeking for Injunction to restrain INEC from using the Guideline.

By Taiwo Adebowale

…Court set to hear Motion seeking for Injunction to restrain INEC from using the Guideline

…Political Parties Chairmen vows to declare INEC chairman Persona Non Grata if he implements the discredited and doctored guideline without removing the obnoxious and illegal clauses

…Political Parties want INEC to maintain status quo now that the matter is in Court.

…Political Parties chairmen say no going back on stand for separate accreditation and voting system including issuance of total accredited figures in signed form before voting commences.

…Says INEC Chairman have been dodging meeting with Political Parties chairmen since Friday and have switched off his phone.

…Over 70 Political Parties Chairmen hanging around in Abuja waiting for audience with INEC chairman.

…2019 election heading for crash if INEC chairman does not reverse illegal insertions in guideline.

The much anticipated Legal action against the controversial INEC 2019 Election guideline which have generated so much controversy going by the unilateral insistence of the INEC chairman to proceed with the controversial document was filled today at the Federal High Court Abuja.

The suit which have an exparte application is expected to be heard tomorrow and is seeking for injunction stopping inec from giving further effect to the controversial document called 2019 Election guideline which has contents which are in conflict with the Constitution of Nigeria and the Electoral Act, especially the clauses that allowed fake voters to vote in the 2019 general elections and the provisions doctoring the 2011 and 2015 separate accreditation and separate voting system which inec chairman is trying to change few days to National election in violation of all known laws and regulations including the ECOWAS Protocol which has been domesticated in Nigeria.

The Suit which was filled today with suit number FHC/ABJ/C5/31/2019 by the Chairman of Action People Party APP, Action Alliance Party AA, Green Party of Nigeria GPN, Restoration Party of Nigeria RPN for others is seen as the last hope for Nigerian electorates who are desirous of having a free and fair election starting with having a guideline which promotes atmosphere and foundation for free polls and not the controversial guideline which is now seen by many as rigging manual drafted in Aso Rock and handed over to Amina Zakari to foist on Political parties and Nigerian electorate.

The Spokesperson for the Political Parties Chairmen opposing the guideline at the Court, Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere called on the INEC chairman to show his neutrality and save the 2019 election from total credibility collapse by removing the illegal, unpopular and anti free and fair insertions in the guideline and produce a guideline which reflects the yearnings of key stakeholders. “We hope that now that the matter is in court that INEC chairman should trash his plan to secretly release the guideline against the popular resistance by major key stakeholders.

“We are demanding for an emergency meeting with the INEC chairman who has been doging the Political parties chairmen who have been in Abuja for over 5 days now in a bid to have an audience with him and to finally agree on the guideline before its release but the INEC chairman have switched off his phone and refused to see the political parties showing that he might have more vested interest in the guideline going by his locked up and dictatorial method of taking sole actions without key stakeholders input.

“We must let Nigerians know that the election is been programmed to failed with the flawed guideline and the plan to reverse the usual separate accreditation and voting system for an unpopular acrredit and vote and go method which will make the polling unit scanty and easy to be over ran.

“The decision to shut the door to the genuine demand for accreditation figure announcement and issuance to party agents before commencement of voting is a clear indication that INEC is not ready for free and fair polls. The decision and mobilization of Political Parties chairmen to pass a vote of no confidence on the Commison and declaration of INEC chairman persona non grata is still alive and will be unleashed once the INEC chairman proceeds to unilaterally using the manipulated guideline.”