[Perspective] Should Gen. T.Y. Danjuma be taken seriously?

By Robinson T. Sibe

This is not about whether I like him or not; I don’t have to like someone to listen to him and evaluate what he’s saying. This is about an issue raised by one of the most knowledgeable on the subject matter.

Of the top three Nigerians that understands the inner workings of the military, I would believe that Gen. Danjuma should be up there among them. He rose through the ranks, and retired the Chief of Army Staff. He also was appointed the Minister of Defense by President Obasanjo in 1999.

Beyond his Military credentials, Gen. Danjuma is the Chairman of the Presidential Committee on North East Initiative (PCNI); a position he currently occupies. In this capacity, he reports to President Buhari. Prior to this, he was appointed by the then President Jonathan, as the founding Chairman of Presidential Initiative of the North East (PINE).

So, if there is anyone I should take seriously on this issue, it has to be this General. Army Generals are known to be measured and conservative in speech, on issues like this. For someone like him who holds immense respect for the military institution and knows the implication(s) of accusing the them of bias to spill in this manner, there’s every reason to take what he’s saying seriously.

Engage your brain; don’t relegate it for Politics.

I rest my case…

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