Reinventing The Wheel On The Process Of Easing Out The Dead 1999 Constitution Of Nigeria. – By Tony Nnadi

I have on behalf of the LNC, had cause to make this correction offline but now constrained to make it again online.

As a Lawyer with substantial proficiency in Applied Jurisprudence and and as one who had for about 20 years, been involved in the elaborate processes to wind up the Imposed Unitarist Constitutional Architecture and Order of Nigeria, I can say with a measure of certitude, that I am in Position to inform and enlighten us on the subject.

The many suggestions and actions towards “Writing another Constitution for Nigeria”, by various groups is not the first order of business in this matter. It is like building a house from the roof downwards to the Foundation.

Having all rejected the imposed Constitutional of Nigeria, the First Order of Business is to get the entrapped Constituent Components of Nigeria, to AGREE TO RE-FEDERATE.

This first order must be undertaken in the Formations in which the aforementioned Constituent Components freely decide to Federate with other Blocs, each armed with its Regional Constitution drawn within its Sovereign Rights and unfettered Right to Self-Determine. This must be done by way of a General Referendum of the People(s) of each Territory.

It is a YES Vote from such a Referendum that would form the Basis of the Second Step, which is, TO DISTILL THE TERMS OF FEDERATING.

Negotiations to distill the TERMS of the Federating, are to be between the various willing, compatible contiguous Blocs and it is the Outcome of those Negotiations that is reduced to a formal Document called the “Constitution”.

A Federation is a Union of Federations and so the Logic of a Federation, compels this Two-Stage Process. Anything less is an exercise in futility except we seek to reinforce the Unitarian.

Now I ask those who are writing “New Constitutions for Nigeria” , as the start of the Process the following questions:

(1) What Designs are for Collapsing the 36 States Structure into a much lesser number of Federating Units (Between the 4 we had up to 1966, and the 8 Units suggested by the Middle Belt in their recent Makurdi Declaration)?

(2) AT WHAT TIME WILL THIS FUNDAMENTAL RECONFIGURATION TAKE PLACE? Before or after the 2019 Elections when new Governors will emerge in the States and new Senators and Reps emerge in Abuja?

We need not reinvent the wheel on this subject. There is a process that engages the various compartments of the Nigerian Question.

The author of the piece I am responding to now, talked about the 2007 Suit Challenging the Legitimacy of the 1999 Constitution, but did not tell the readers that the Plaintiffs in that epochal Suit were also the Conveners of the watershed PRONACO Sovereign Conference of the Ethnic Nationalities of Nigeria (2005-2006) nor did he inform the readers the Movement for New Nigeria MNN, which crafted the 4-Bloc Broken Map of Nigeria shown herein, was a joint Mechanism for enforcing the PRONACO Consensus that restored the hijacked Sovereignties of Constituent Components of Nigeria, entrapped in the Failed, Toxic Lugardian Experiment since 1914.

He also did not tell the readers that in furtherance of the push to dismantling the dead 1999 Constitution, that the same MNN Alliance (Brown+Blue+Purple on the MNN Map herein) was directly responsible for the Countrywide Regional Proclamations Repudiating the Fraudulent 1999 Constitution as the basis of Nigeria nor does he seem to know that the various Regional Blocs that already Repudiated the 1999 Constitution, are already mobilizing towards the Rejection of Further National Elections under the Repudiated 1999 Constitution, in the various Territories concerned. In other words, that the Territories which already Repudiated the 1999 Constitution are currently mobilizing for the SHUTDOWN inside 2018, of the Preparations for the 2019 Elections anchored on that 1999 Constitution in their various Territories, (not BOYCOTT that will happen at the voting stage in 2019).

If instead of aggregating and focusing all energies on how to conclusively ease out the already defeated 1999 Constitution, we seek to invite everyone to the “On-Your-Mats” start-line, simply because we are not willing to examine what has been done already, then it will seem a deliberate attempt to reinvent the wheel.

Tony Nnadi
LNC Secretary General
August 26, 2018
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