Perspectives | Understanding The Nature Of The War We Are In And The Battles Within That War. – By Tony Nnadi

Being an emergency Memorandum to illuminate the unseen dynamics driving the deadly Political Disputatious that currently frame the Journey to the 2019 National Elections.

Being an emergency Memorandum to illuminate the unseen dynamics driving the deadly Political Disputatious that currently frame the Journey to the 2019 National Elections.

The Title Deed by which the Fulani Caliphate currently holds the entirety of the Territory called Nigeria as the private estate their great-grandfather (and therefore, theirs) is the Master-Servant 1999 Constitution, imposed on the Union as the Victory Charter from the 1967-1970 War. (We must note that the 1967-1970 episode was merely an escalation of the wider 1966-1999 Conquest and Subjugation Campaign by that Caliphate, using what Ahmadu Bello called the willing-tools from the Middle Belt, and Head-Slaves from the South).

The totally unexpected fatal assault on the fraudulent 1999 Constitution, launched since 2007 by way of Suit challenging its Legitimacy by the Centrifugal Forces In Nigeria, led by the LNC, has brought that 1999 Constitution to its death-bed, with the Country-wide Repudiation and Rejection of that Constitution as the Basis of the Federation of Nigeria.

The impending and irreversible collapse of the 1999 Constitution by the sustained actions of the Centrifugal Forces seeking the dismantling of the Master-Servant Nigeria, in pursuit of Self-Determination, in the formations depicted by the 4-Bloc MNN below, spells the end of the over 100 Years of the unchallenged hegemony of the Caliphate and so the the distressed Caliphate had to resort to a fresh CONQUEST and COLONIZATION Campaign, using the tool of Ethnic Cleansing which it disguised as “Herdsmen/Farmers Clashes”.

To be able to launch the aforementioned Conquest and Colonization Campaign, the sinking Caliphate has to first fight its way to power in Nigeria. That was how we came about Boko Haram.

Once in the power saddle in May 2015, the Caliphate rebranded and redeployed the same Militia that marauded as Boko Haram towards the urgent Conquest and Colonization imperative to regain physical control over the vast Territory the World calls “Nigeria”. Islamization is a convenient bogey while Herdsmen/Farmer Clashes is a carefully choreographed Narrative, sold to local and foreign media.

The pretense of “Democracy” in Nigeria has to be maintained as a cover to hoodwink the Global Community into thinking that the sordid bloodflow In Nigeria was merely a matter of the teething problems of a young Democracy. The shallow so-called Civil Society Community In Nigeria bought into and helped sell the “Nascent Democracy” bogus Narrative and therefore focused their energies of “Free, Fair, Transparent” Elections under the Worse-Than-Apartheid 1999 Constitution while the alien Fulani Caliphate, aided by their kin in Power over Nigeria, swept like wild-fire through the Middle Belt Territories, killing, maiming, raping and dislodging and taking over the ancestral homelands of the Indigenous Peoples of Middle Belt, with advance Teams of the Fulani Militia already conducting skirmishes in the Southern Territories.

Now with the 4 years of 2015-2019 nearing expiration, the Caliphate requires more time to advance its Conquest and Colonization Campaign to a point of irreversibility, sufficient to countermand and reverse the dire consequences the loss their Title Deed over Nigeria. This is where the 2019 Elections, programmed by the obstinate and obdurate Caliphate under the Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Constitution, amidst the trenchant repudiation and rejection of that Constitution by the rest of Nigeria comes in. The Caliphate MUST find some way to get an 4 years to be able to advance their Conquest Script to where it can effectively reverse the woeful and precarious reality inflicted by the decapitation of the their Sole Title Deed, the 1999 Constitution.

Unfortunately for them, where things are now is that it takes just the refusal of the rest of Nigeria to proceed into further National Elections under the already repudiated and rejected 1999 Constitution, ON ACCOUNT OF THAT REPUDIATION AND REJECTION. to bring an end to the life of the 1999 Constitution and therefore the long reign and Stranglehold of that of the Caliphate over Nigeria, enabled by their British Joint Venture Partners since 1914.

This hopelessly defeated, isolated (MNN Map) and utterly desperate Caliphate, has only one last lifeline left to getting a chance to fight for its survival.

That lifeline lies in grabbing another 4 years in the power saddle by dragging the rest of Nigeria to the 2019 National Elections under the repudiated and rejected 1999 Constitution. This would enable the Caliphate rapidly advance their CONQUEST, ISLAMIZATION and COLONIZATION Campaign via the Ethnic Cleansing Southward onslaught currently sweeping through the Middle Belt.

As clearly outlined in the LNC Public Communication Document dates titled “THE BATTLE FOR THE CARCASS OF NIGERIA” ( see the link https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1856009537792977&id=100001518458887), if the journey to 2019 is not halted inside 2018, the Caliphate will simply award themselves another 4 years in power, crushing everything on their path as we saw in Ekiti.

This is the wider picture and the nature of the War in which Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his compatriots including Bukola Saraki, the R-APC Group and the rest of the Partisan Political Community of the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria are currently caught.

Anyone who does not understand it, will on account of that ignorance, pursue solution models that simply play into the Script of the miserable Caliphate.

Bottomline: Whether anyone understands it now or not, the only viable window of escape from brutal Fulani Conquest, left for the rest of Nigeria, is the immediate repudiation and dismantling of the toxic Union of Nigeria. To exploit this window, we must give up and wind-up the 1999 Constitution and the One-Nigeria it difines. The first practical step to winding up the 1999 Constitution is to reject the renewal of its Operation by way of another National Election under that Constitution in 2019. Any other approach we take, which leaves the Constitution 1999 and the Nigeria created and defined by it, leaves everything to the mercy of the rampaging Fulani Caliphate that has made pretenses about their desire to OVERRUN, CONQUER and COLONIZE the entire Nigeria.

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Tony Nnadi
July 24, 2018.