[Perspectives] Dapchi girls and the Boko Haram shuttle service

According to news report, Boko Haram returned the #DapchiGirls this morning in same vehicles they were kidnapped in.

A Channels TV reporter said the military check point refused Journalists access, yet Boko Haram where freely driving their convoy around, dropping off one of the girls in one village, before moving to another. Okay o.

It now appears they now run a bus shuttle service. They are now so comfortable that they can commute as desired, pick up victims, return them when they like, and not get caught.

They have been defeated technically, and now operating a transport service. This one weak me o. I hope they issued receipts for what they received for this transport service o, because it might be needed in future for auditing purposes.

I thank God for the safe return of the girls. Sadly, news has it that 5 died. May their souls find rest, and may those who planned this evil never know peace.

Culled from Robinson Tombari Sibe’s Facebook post.

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