Perspective | Why a just Nigeria is impossible


In one the flood of Biafra Declaration Anniversary Commentaries yesterday, Prof M.O Ene rued the circumstances that led to Biafra and summarized that all the East Wanted was “a Just Nigeria”.

I responded to the comments as follows:

“Going by the contents of Classified Colonial Records obtained by the LNC, the CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS represented by the Feudalist Sharia Caliphate, deliberately foisted by the British on the rest of Nigeria at inception; and the Arrogant, Belligerent and Obdurate dispositions of the Caliphate Belt, now in the 12-Contiguous States (Green Bloc in the MNN Map below), that Simultaneously Imposed Sharia in Year 2000, make “A JUST NIGERIA” impossible.

50 Years after the January 1967 botched attempt to restore some dose of equity to the dying Union of Nigeria, the chain of events that culminated in the Declaration Biafra on the 30th of May 1967; the British-orchestrated Genocide we called “War” 1967-1970, gallantly resisted by Eastern Nigeria which lost over 3.5 million lives 2m of which were children starved to death in Biafra; the Post-War punitive Policies towards Easterners, reinforced a Unitarist Constitutional Order Imposed since 1979, (later rechristened “1999 Constitution”) as a Victory Charter by the Victorious Caliphate-led Alliance in that War, altogether make it IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE ANY NIGERIA AT ALL.

We left ABURI in 1967, (Federalism) tarried for 50 Years in ABUJA, (Unitarism) but have now arrived ARABA (Non-Federation) in the formations silhouetted by the 4-Bloc MNN Map below, awaiting the formalization of the reality by Referendums in the Brown, Blue and Purple Blocs (since the Year 2000 Secession of the 12-State Sharia Contiguity from the Secular Federation of Nigeria).

Welcome to ARABA!!”

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Tony Nnadi is Secretary General of LNC & MNN