[Perspective] The rapist and the victims

By Sunny Oby Maduka

Africans are like the parents, whose daughters have been raped, and on getting to the police station to file a complaint, saw the rapists.

The parents became apprehensive and started babbling.
The rapists smiled and haughtily, gave the rape victims some money and patts at their backs.

On collecting the money and probably, some pinch of salt, the culpable rapists will in turn, order the policemen to arrest the rape victims.

In a bid to escape the arrest warrant and detention; the rape victims will resort to praising the rapists and eulogising the policemen.

Did I hear you say, the hunter has become the hunted?

No no no my dear brother and sister.
What had happened was a double rape on the vulnerable first rape victims.

We are now in a world full of deceits, entrapped with the terrorist baits by the leaders of our generation.

Our children’s future is being violated by our recycled politicians, and in broad daylight, are stealing our inheritance with uttermost disdain and impunity.

Tinubu Colloquium today, brought all our rapists together; and as victims of the vulnerable first rape, we have nothing else to say, except accolades of a people, who are already psychologically confused, either to report the case or shut up with our pains and hurts.

‘Death is inevitable but sometimes, the cause of any death is very important.’

By our raw wisdom, it’s better to sleep at home; rather than being accused of defamation of character, that probably land you in a cell.

But, let us be reminded that,
our choice determines, what we are imbibing to our children.
And it’s basically on;
Mentorship and Legacies based on hardworking or Rogueship.

As far as we kept on celebrating ill gotten wealth acquisitions, instead of applauding nationalism, patriotism, incorruptibility, innovation and selflessness; the rapists will continue to oppress us as their rape victims with uttermost impunity.

Sunny Oby Maduka, PhD