Perspective | Nigerian workers and youths unite on a road to popular power – by Alex Ogbu

The left in Nigeria has always been confined to the sidelines of mainstream bourgeois politics in Nigeria. In the pre-independence nationalists agitations through post-independence contestation for political power, there has been concerted conspiracies to emasculate the social forces on the left in Nigeria.
The workers and youths have always been partners in the quest for alternative socio economic and political system. The Political Bureau opinion polls conducted during the tortuous transition program of IBB regime unequivocally favoured Socialism,but the report never saw the light of day.
The bourgeoisie in Nigeria have conspired across different sections to denude, despoil and squander the wealth of our nation through successive civil and military rules over the years. Before the left forced me military junta out of power in the late nineties, there was an attempt at mobilizing for a road to popular power.
Today more than ever calls for a revisit to that path leading to Popular power by workers and youths. Despite the long history of youths apathy to politics in Nigeria, political activism and new social movements are surging among youths especially in the build up to the 2019 general elections.
This is a historical moment for a paradigm shift in the political leadership of Nigeria. The social forces on the left must as a matter of necessity try and get it right this time. It calls for alliances, translating theories through praxis into practical tactics, stratagems and action towards reclaiming political power by the ballot box or a revolution from below.
Aluta stopee! Revolution ascerta!!

Alex Ogbu is a journalist and prolific revolutionary writer