Perspective | Interesting Perspective On Cheating

By Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan

Interesting perspective on CHEATING, on the Talk show today..

Apparently: 👇

75% of Women believe “kissing” is cheating, while only 50% of Men agree.

When it comes to strip clubs, most men say if they look but don’t touch it doesn’t count as cheating. 😂

As for porn, 75% of women said cyber sex was off limits and only half of that 75% who are Male agree with that. Which means at least 65% of Men do not count cyber sex as cheating.

It just got me thinking, I don’t even think I’m clear on my own borderlines for cheating right now. 😄😄. It’s confusing…

So what is cheating to you? I would like to know.

Kissing is definitely cheating to me..

But this cybersex stuff, Guys and Girls masturbate right? So is masturbation cheating?

And what if your man is aroused by cyber sex and comes to bed with a hard on and makes great love to you.

a) Would you still consider that cheating.
b) Would you consider that arousal for you or for the nude ladies he was watching on line.

Does anything else (other than you) that arouses your Man or partner amount to cheating?

If you say “yes”.

Does that mean when a woman gets wet/aroused from reading exotic/sexually explicit material, she is cheating?

If your spouse /Girlfriend/Boyfriend gives money to his/her ex or a friend of the opposite sex without telling you. Is that cheating?

There is so much going on these days, it’s hard to tell where cheating starts sometimes.

I’ll like to hear your thoughts.

Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan is a Lagos based lawyer, feminist and expert on gender matters.

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