Cross River State

PDP Group Explains Why Gov. Ayade Should Rebuke His Man-Fridays Over Forgery

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Youth and Elders Forum, Ekorinim, Calabar, has stated why he is calling on Cross River State Governor Ben Ayade to rebuke his man-Fridays over alleged forgery.

The group made the call on Friday, May 1, in a statement that was personally signed by its chairman Malik Shabbazz.

He said: “The Truth is constant and eternal, falsehood begets error and crime and there is no perfect crime because it is always done in a hurry and haphazardly.

“My Governor Ben Ayade is a man with finesse and panache and embodiment of innovation and projection. Little wonder he coined the maxim of politics of ethics with digitalization.

“I’m perturbed that under his watch he has allowed his lieutenants and over zealous Cohorts to ill-advice him in a bit to hang on. May your case never be like that of the Pharoah with his advisers and the ten plagues.

“When Pharoah refused to harken to the voice of reasoning and Justice but greedy advisers, that got drown in the Nile there after. They have dropped your name in every of their political shenanigans to curry favour and influence decisions.

“All this culminating in them going against the NWC of PDP resolutions, by rejecting the ward and Local government Executive list duely signed and delivered by the various committees of the congresses and delivered by the National organizing secretary.

“We watched with chagrin when the governor’s controlled state executive committee (though expired by tenure) set the ball in motion for power tussle, calculated imbroglio and legal comfort to perpetuate themselves in office by reasons of Court Order against the Inauguration of PDP Executive in Cross River State without filing a Court Process.

“Anyway, if any Case it was filed in Calabar, it’s an abuse of Court Process because there’s already a Case filed in Abuja on the Inauguration of the Executive members.
This desperation to be in charge has caused his Man-Fridays into forgery of which I implore Governor Ben Ayade to speak out and condemn.

“Under the watch of governor Ayade who is the acclaimed apostle of politics with Ethics, his Man Fridays has indulge in forgery, misrepresentation of facts and opened reverse psychology and blackmail to mislead party faithfuls.

“Since yesterday the have been circulating a fake list of Exco, a replica of the Original list. But since there’s no perfect crime, the must be a mistake and a glitch.

“Our Governor need to come out clean and disassociate himself from this collection of scarvengers. Ayade must speak and denounce and disassociate himself from them.

“Our heart bleeds as we saw a crass knowledge gap exhibited by our able party chairman, when he swored in a mixed multitude of people under an ornamental tree as Exco members, in the name of the father, and of the son and holy spirit where as the party has his Creed and law.

“Also this function is reserved for a notary public or a commissioner of oath as contained in section 65 of the party’s Constitution as amended. But why the usury? Was the same chairman playing a some persons script? Let our Governor speak out and rebuke this spirit of rebellion.

“In the fake list circulated which I have deliberately refused to circularized. The original documents had been systematically Tampered. The Excel/Microsoft words spread sheets has been mutilated, with super imposed signatures. That is why you can not do word search. The syntax error is “no match found”.

“Let the governor’s Man-Fridays stop faffing around and swallow the bitter bills of defeat as the more they resist the will of the party stakeholders and franchisees the more they attract the wrath of the owners of the business. We want to hear the party is supreme to the highest crescendo.

“This diminuendo of their list is fake mine is original must stop. Our one cent advice.”