Opposition Alerts On Buhari’s Move to Scuttle Today’s Planned Filing of Atiku’s Petition at the Election Tribunal

…EFCC acting on Buhari’s orders have arrested the Coordinating Director for Atiku’s Legal team/PDP Deputy Campaign DG Taminu Turaki

…EFCC is forcing Taminu to surrender the evidences that Atiku intends to use at the Tribunal against Buhari and the list of witnesses Atiku intends to call so they can start framing/Intimidating them.

…EFCC team moves to cart away documents and evidences for Atiku’s case against Buhari to derail the petition filling and damage some of the incriminating evidences for proving electoral frauds in the possession of arrested deputy DG

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) has raised alarm once again about what it described as the desperate attempt by Muhammadu Buhari and his foot soldiers to by all means frustrate efforts by coalition presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, to retrieve his stolen mandate through a peaceful means – the Tribunal – where Atiku Abubakar have planned to file his case today.

According to a statement signed on Tuesday, February 5, by its spokesperson, Ikenga IMO Ugochinyere, the CUPP said “this time, Buhari, through his administration’s heavily biased and partisan, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has arrested the Deputy Director-General of PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation, Kabiru Tanimu Turaki, SAN.

“The CUPP wish to condemn the politically motivated arrest of the Deputy Director General (Administration) of the PDP Presidential Campaign Council, Tanimu Kabiru Turaki SAN, by the EFCC not for any crime but in a failed attempt to derail the completion of processes leading to the filing of the case at the Tribunal to retrieve the stolen mandate President Muhammadu Buhari has been parading about.

“The learned Senior Advocate only went to the EFCC office in connection to the signing of bail papers for other Atiku associates who are in custody. The mode of his arrest and detention clearly shows it was upon a spontaneous realization that he was a coordinating factor in the expected legal challenge of the rigged Presidential election of 23rd February.

“Inside source within the Commission informed us that Mr. Turaki is not being questioned by EFCC officials but by a team from the Presidential villa who are only questioning him about the details of the petition of the PDP. They are questioning him on the evidences the PDP has in its possession and the location of the documents/legal Secretariat and list of witnesses. This is obviously with a view to storming the location, carting away relevant papers and derailing the filing of the papers in the Tribunal which must be completed within 21 days from the date of announcement of the election results.

“We therefore make bold to say that his arrest at this time was not a mere coincidence but a well ochestrated plan to ensure that they scuttle the plan to challenge the illegality that happened on February 23 in court by making sure that the suit is not filed within the timeframe allowed by law.

“We have consistently been alerting Nigerians and friends of the country on all steps being taking by this government to stop any legal means to retrieve the mandate it stole on February 23, particularly how millions of naira from tax payers’ money are being doled out to individuals, political parties and groups to continue to mount pressure on Alhaji Atiku to accept “defeat.”

“It is noteworthy that all these harrassments and intimidations of opposition leaders are going on without a word from the National Peace Committee that midwifed the signing of peace pact ahead of the general elections.

“How can there be peace where the people’s mandate was brazenly stolen? How can there be peace when barriers are consistently being mounted against the victim of executive theft so that he cannot seek redress in court?

“Let this desperate administration that will lose its legitimacy on May 29 know that the eyes of the world are on this country and its illegal actions.

“President Buhari and his goons are on rampage. They have brazenly stolen the peoples mandate and are now desperate to protect their crime proceed. Nigerians should not be surprised when documents begin to get missing from the Registry of the Tribunal or when indeed very strange things begin to happen.

“There is a blank cheque for the security agencies and they have been directed that there are no off limits for them in ensuring that the PDP challenge is derailed. President Buhari should make it easy for everybody and just direct his people to announce the names of every member of the Atiku legal team for arrest and stop this deliberate groping when there is light.

“We hereby declare that every effort by the Buhari administration to stop the retrieval of the stolen mandate will all fail and come to nothing. He refused to sign the Electoral Act Amendment Bill, fought to emasculate and annex the Supreme Court, hired people to protest to urge Alhaji Atiku Abubakar not to go to Court, paid N40million to each of the 36 political parties that mortgaged their future and call on Atiku to accept “defeat”, arrested Alhaji Atiku’s lawyer, Financial Director and now Coordinator of his legal team. Many more hurdles are along the way but Alhaji Atiku Abubakar leading the Nigerian opposition will successfully jump over all of them and effectively retrieve the peoples mandate from the usurper.”

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