Opinion | Tinubu’s interference in Edo politics will lead to his retirement

by John Ewah

All is not well at Bourdillon; Bourdillon being a representation of the abode of the avaricious multi-billionaire and former Governor of Lagos State. It appears Tinubu has murdered sleep and is sleeping no more. Of late, his public appearances and utterances have oscillated between strident blubbering and nervous fidgeting. What must have gone wrong? His latest outburst may help in locating the cause of his restlessness.

The fact that the forth coming Edo State election is giving the erstwhile Governor of Lagos State sleepless nights, bears testament to the heartaches Governor Godwin Obaseki has caused the lot of Chief Bola Tinubu, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and their cronies, with his developmental strides and people-centred administrative policies in Edo State, for these today have become the greatest threats to their continued political relevance.

It is a shame that Tinubu could not appreciate the gold in silence, rather, like a chirruping cockatoo, had the temerity to accuse Governor Godwin Obaseki of non-conformity to the constitution and democracy tenets, when all Tinubu represents today in his quest of enthroning himself the sole Nigerian godfather and administrator, bear all the trappings and markings of impunity, social depravity, perversity, all manners of adversity, economic abomination of each and every variety, and political atrocity, to the fair city of Lagos. Tinubu has practically strangled the city of Lagos and its inhabitants, with his knee neck deep into their livelihoods.

Now that the people of Edo State have said that EDO IS NOT LAGOS and that such godhood tendencies that Tinubu exhibits in Lagos State, cannot be replicated in Edo State, a State whose inhabitants are descendants of renowned warriors, with an history spanning thousands of years, it has gotten Tinubu’s magic wand in a knot. Does Tinubu need to be reminded, that if Edo people could resist the British, then his rantings are conspicuously immaterial and of no consequence?

Granted, Tinubu cannot bear the whole brunt of blame for his political misadventure and venture into the current murky waters of Edo politics. The blame largely goes to Lagosians who kept mute and did nothing when in their very eyes, Tinubu ripped the dignity off Ambode, one of Lagos finest Governors ever. In consonance with Edmund Burke’s view, evil was allowed to thrive because the good people of Lagos State did nothing.

And so Tinubu, the butterfly that thinks himself a bird, in a puff of egoleptic precipitation, was psychologically misled into believing that he was infallible and invincible, and in his self deceit, megalomanic conceit, and the ever deafening human hubris, lost grip of the immortal words of Mahatma Ghandhi, that “all through history, there have been tyrants… and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall, ALWAYS”

It has been alleged in many quarters, that Tinubu has practically taken over the entire revenue collection of Lagos State. The one sin of Ambode was daring him in this regard and he was shown the exit door. There is a mutual objective central to these godfathers, the fact that their sole interest and concern centre around State’s revenue. That just happens to be one of the many sins of Obaseki; taking revenue collection off the hands of Oshiomhole’s thugs and hell was let loosed.

It was Godwin Obaseki, in his quest to free the resources and people of Edo State from the tight grip of parasitic godfathers and politicians, who pulled Oshiomhole from the lofty height of visibility as national Chairman of a party, down the lowly wilderness of obscurity as a mere suspended member of a political party. Still, Tinubu seems to have learnt nothing, as he has joined the fray of those calling for Obaseki’s head like he did with Ambode, but the people of Edo State are saying, EDO IS NOT LAGOS.

The battles against Godwin Obaseki as a result of his good intents for the people of Edo State, over whom he presides as Governor, have been decided, and the universe itself has taken side with him. Obaseki, like a phoenix, has a way of rising from the ashes, no matter how down he gets. There is a God factor that propels his ambition which godfathers cannot fight. The political battles against him therefore, are divinely motivated, as they seem to be sending godfathers on early political retirements.

The likes of Tinubu in saner, more developed and enlightened climes, cannot be elected to hold public offices. Their disposition goes against democratic values and ethics. A people should be allowed to elect their leaders, but the ego and overbearing nature of Tinubu and Oshiomhole cannot accept that.

This therefore puts a peg on his alleged 2023 ambition of becoming the president of the most populous black nation on earth. He cannot be allowed to place the Nation under his grip. Evidently Obaseki and the good people of Edo State, the heartbeat of the nation, will ensure that the heart of the nation continues to beat with the political retirement of Bola Tinubu and his likes.

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