Opinion | The Unitary Constitution Of Nigeria And The Choking Over-centralization Of Control: Either We Turn Off The Tap Or We Perish In The Quagmire

By Tony Nnadi

(Being a Open Memorandum by Tony Nnadi of the Lower Niger Congress LNC to Church Leaders in Nigeria who are raising the alarm over the attempt by the Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Interior to Regulate Christian Marriages conducted by Churches in Nigeria).

Tony Nadi addressing a conference of Mission Africa International in Washington D.C.

In response to a recent Circular by Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Interior Detailing new Licensing requirements for Churches to be eligible to conduct Marriages, Church-Leaders began to raise alarm at what they interpret as attempt to interfere with and severely constrict Christian Marriages in Nigeria since the Circular in question did not place any such such requirements on Mosques in Nigeria that conduct Islamic Marriages under Sharia.

Ordinarily, the obvious question that jumps out from this development is to ask why Marriages in Local Churches across the length and breadth of Nigeria must me Regulated from Abuja and why there is no mention of the Muslim Marriages under Sharia?

However, as one who had been part of a long-running intensive campaign to rouse the endangered Constituent Components of Nigeria to the grave dangers of Nigeria’s Imposed and over-centralized (Unitary) Constitutional Arrangement in a supposed “Federation”, one would have to raise many other Questions arising from this development.

Will it be out of place to ask those Church-Leaders and other alarmed Stakeholders now shouting about the new sinister attempt, what they have done or said about the long list of other items that are being illicitly and EXCLUSIVELY Regulated and Controlled Countrywide from Abuja under the so-called “1999 Constitution of Nigeria”, particularly as contained in the 68-Item FEDERAL EXCLUSIVE LEGISLATIVE LIST IN THE CALIPHATE-IMPOSED 1999 CONSTITUTION OF NIGERIA?

These Questions to the Church-Leaders arise because almost ALL the calamities and miseries plaguing the Nigerian Society (and therefore their Flock as Church-Leaders), flow directly from the warped, Fraudulent and Toxic 1999 Constitution of Nigeria and all attempts to get the Church-Leaders in Nigeria to see the urgent responsibility upon them to help bring down this known source of the Misery of Nigeria and Nigerians, had gone totally unheeded.

For the avoidance of doubt, and contrary to the minimum dictates of Federalism:

(1) Can we pretend not to know that the widespread Killings going on in Nigeria are ENABLED by the Unitary 1999 Constitution of Nigeria which puts all the guns in the land under the EXCLUSIVE control of the Caliphate-Controlled “Federal Government” of Nigeria by virtue of the aforementioned 68-Item Federal Exclusive Legislative List, thereby leaving DEFENSELESS, the Indigenous Nigerian People being ravaged by the Murderous Fulani Invaders who masquerade as “Herdsmen”?

(2) Can we pretend not to know that the horrific insecurity that has enveloped all nooks and crannies of Nigeria flow mainly from the anomaly of Nigeria, a “Federation” having only One Inefficient and Ineffective CENTRALIZED Police Force, Operated from Abuja, as decreed by the same FEDERAL EXCLUSIVE LEGISLATIVE LIST (“Exclusive List” for short), and that things will only get worse, Security-Wise until something takes down that Constitution?

(3) Can we feign ignorance of the fact that the very poor ELECTRICITY situation of Nigeria flow directly from the listing of Electricity Generation and Transmission on that EXCLUSIVE LIST and that this will not change no matter how anyone tries or pretends, unless that Constitution is taken down?

(4) Can we feign Ignorance of the fact that the MASSIVE CORRUPTION and IMPUNITY that reigns supreme over Nigeria are created and protected by the 1999 Constitution which:

(i) By virtue of Section 6(6)(c), completely absolves the Government of any responsibility towards the Citizen in the Social Contract (ie the Constitution)?.

(ii) By virtue Sections 81 & 82 as well as 121 & 122, put the spare keys of the Treasury in the hands of the President and the State Governors, allowing them unrestrained access to the contents of the Treasury, for whatever they choose to do with the Monies including Looting same for themselves?

(iii) By Virtue of Section 308, extends a blanket IMMUNITY to the President and the Governors (along with the Vice-President and the Deputy Governors) throughput their tenure, for whatever wrongdoing they may choose to perpetrate, including STEALING the Treasury Dry, allocating State Assets to themselves and Killing innocent Citizens; and which by Virtue of S.6(6)(d), grants absolute IMMUNITY for all atrocities committed in the name of Governance in Nigeria from the 15th Day of January, 1966 to the 29th Day of May 1999, including mass murder, rapes, massive looting, illicit conversion and acquisition of Public Assets?

Between these three referenced provisions of the 1999 Constitution, THE 37 MEN IN THE APEX CONTROL OF FEDERAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS OF NIGERIA DO NOT OWE THE CITIZENS OF NIGERIA ANY OBLIGATIONS WHATSOEVER AT LAW; The President and Governors have the Entire Contents of the Treasury at their DISCRETIONARY DISPOSAL and they are COMPLETELY shielded by Constitutional IMMUNITY from any probe or sanctions whatsoever EVERYDAY OF THEIR TENURE IN OFFICE, no matter the gravity of their wrongdoing and no matter how brazen, their Impunity.

(5) Can we pretend not to know that the MASS IMPOVERISHMENT of the People of Nigeria flow directly from Nigeria’s Totally Damaged Economic Infrastructure compounded by the Constitution-Induced and Quota-System -Driven MEDIOCRITY in which the least capable and least qualified amongst us are completely in charge of running the affairs of Nigeria and it’s Institutions as well as Planning for the rest of us in a Globalized World Gone Digital, while we are content with praying for the miraculous rain of Prosperity upon our entrapped and economically emasculated Flock?

(6) Can we pretend not to know that the Over-Centralized Electoral System which we self-mockingly call the fancy name: “INDEPENDENT NATIONAL ELECTORAL COMMISSION” (INEC), is directly responsible for the routine Electoral robbery we witness every four years, with the result that almost only established criminals and mediocres emerge at the helms of Governance in Nigeria, both at the Federal and State Levels and in the three arms, while we make haste to anoint them with olive oil?

(7) Can we pretend not to know that it is this CHOKING OVER-CENTRALIZATION as foisted by the Caliphate Constitution 1999 of Nigeria that is responsible for BOTH the trenchant demand for a fundamental Reconfiguration of the failed Union of Nigeria AND the various Separatist Agitations (Oodua Republic, Biafra Republic, Niger Delta Republic etc) that is rocking the foundations of the rickety Union of Nigeria while mock ourselves praying for Peace and Stability?

I could go on to cite more than 50 other Constitutional references to Pinpoint the actual Sources of our Collective woes as a Country and as Distressed Constituents but the Seven mentioned above should suffice for now.

I challenge the Church-Leaders in Nigeria, (especially those who are not themselves Lawyers), to confront the Lawyers, Judges, Senior Advocates, Professors of Law and the Politicians who sit in the front rows at their Churches with these specific 7-Point Constitutional DIAGNOSES of the decaying and dying society we call “Nigeria” to hear what better interpretations they would have.

Where are the Desmond Tutus amongst the Church-Leaders of Nigeria in this Caliphate-Operated Apartheid Nigerian in which you and your Flock are currently trapped, under the 1999 Constitution?

Many of you would recall when about 10 years ago (2009), the LNC/MNN Collegiate Leadership dispatched by registered courier to you INDIVIDUALLY, outlines of these grave issues and the Solution Processes already being pursued.

Only very few amongst you were available to meet with us, (as we requested in our Letters) to examine the Comprehensive Remediation Propositions encapsulated in the Courier Packages you received and the outcomes of those meetings are better not mentioned here.

It will be recalled that at the Retreat of some Church-Leaders I had the privilege of Addressing in Lagos January 10, 2019, on the subject of the Root Cause of the Miseries of Nigeria and Nigerians, I made express reference to these 2009 Intensive interactions with certain top Church-Leaders in Nigeria.

(Below are the YouTube links to the video of that January 10, 2019 Presentation:

https://youtu.be/awlS5JPKGzg ).

The answer to the situation we are currently trapped in, is to summon the courage to reject this Union of Death, Attrition and Backwardness as defined by the Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Unitary Constitution of Nigeria. That is the safest and the most viable route of escape left for Nigeria and Nigerians and that is the Task the Church-Leaders of Nigeria are being invited into by this Open Memorandum.

Lamentations do not solve any problems. Actions do.

With the adamant and violent insistence on Sharia and Feudalism by the Caliphate Conquerors of Nigeria, the UNION OF NIGERIA HAS BEEN RENDERED IMPOSSIBLE since Sharia and Feudalism are mutually exclusive with Democracy and Constitutionalism.

By the Mercy of God and Providence, both Nigeria and it’s Overriding Operational Rules are Mandated by the Fraudulent 1999 Constitution and so, going by the extraordinary success of the DELEGITIMIZATION and DECOMMISSIONING Campaign of the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners against the Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Constitution, it is now within the reach of the non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria to act together DECISIVELY and ease out the dead 1999 Constitution for the emergence of Fresh Protocols amongst Willing, Compatible Contiguities, rooted in the Sovereignty our our Inalienable Right of the Constituent Components To Self-Determine.

The Church Leaders in Nigeria must now step forward to join the Liberation Task that has been driven for about 20 Years by the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners.

While we worry and busy ourselves with little pieces of the multitude of evils that the Caliphate relentlessly pour out on us, (shouting ONLY when a particular evil from that source hits our own head), we leave the SOURCE of the deluge intact.

The Unitary Constitution of Nigeria (along with the Unworkable Master-Union of Death, Attrition and Backwardness it foists) is the TAP that we must turn off.

If for sentiment, ignorance or greed we refuse to, what it means is that we have left the tap running while we MOP frantically as the pool of evil flowing out from the TAP continues to rise steadily around us until it becomes a deluge that consumes ALL.

Now, it is Christian Marriage that has to be regulated from the Coven of the Caliphate in the name of “the Federal Government of Nigeria”, just as Electricity, Security, Law Enforcement, Police, Elections, Oil and Gas, Solid Minerals, Company Incorporation, Seaports, Airports, Railways, Highways, Customs, Immigration, Prisons and a long list of other Matters which could be more efficiently handled by the Federating Units are cramped into the 68-Item Federal Exclusive Legislative List of the 1999 Constitution by which the Caliphate holds the rest of Nigeria hostage and in Servitude, with the disastrous Consequences we now live with.

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Email : info@lowernigercongress.org

Tony Nnadi
November 1, 2019