Opinion | The Caliphate Republic Of Nigeria: Nepotism As A Principle Of State Policy.

When you place all the Top Appointees of the “Federal Government” of Nigeria under the Buhari Presidency on this Map according to where they come from, starting with the Heads of the Three Arms of the Federal Government, the Heads the of the Armed Forces, Police, DSS, Immigration, Civil Defence, and other Armed Security Services; the Heads of the Key Economic Agencies of so-called “Federal Government” including the NNPC, Customs Service, the Ports Authority, the Federal Inland Revenue Service, EFCC, and a long List of other Agencies of the ‘Federal Government’ including Nigeria’s Diplomatic postings across the Globe, you will immediately see why more than 75% of the People you describe as “Nigerians” do not perceive your Nigeria as their own Project nor do they feel any sense of attachment to it. What they see is the Caliphate Republic of Nigeria.

When you place on the same Map below, the Beneficiaries or Victims of Nigeria’s “Federal Government’s” actions that directly translate to Benefit or Evil according to where the Beneficiaries or Victims come from, you immediately begin to see on one side, the Caliphate owners of Nigeria’s Oil Blocs, Oil Lifting Licenses, Import Licenses; you will see the Caliphate owners of Hefty Allocations and Concessions by the Federal Government, of Key Economic Assets including Ports such as has thrust Aliko Dangote forward as “Africa’s Richest Man”, (whatever that means) or Atiku Abubakar as the Owner of Onne Oil and Gas Free Zone (Intels).

Still on side of Beneficiaries of Nigeria’s “Federal Government” Actions, you see Caliphate foot-soldiers, Boko Haram being pardoned, rehabilitated and even absorbed into the Army of Caliphate Nigeria on the claim that they are Repentant.

On the side of Recipients of Evil, you will find an Ibeto whose Cement Venture had to be asphyxiated for Dangote’s Cement empire to thrive in near-monopoly: you will find Innoson Motors being harangued out of existence to make way for Caliphate Plans for the Kaduna Motor Plant; you will find Barth Nnaji’s Geometrics Power Plant in Aba that has to be clobbered down to prevent Aba from accessing badly needed Electricity; you will find the Akanu Ibiam International Airport that has to be closed down in order to return Eastern Nigeria back to the 1967 Air, Land and Sea Blockade which Stella Odua and her Principal, President Goodluck Jonathan dared to break when they caused International Flight Operations to resume in Enugu; you will find the Cases of Southern and Middle-Belt Suspects of Corruption being diligently prosecuted by Magu’s EFCC which merely grin at more heinous Malfeasances from the other side of the Map like Pencom’s Maina ; even St.Abacha’s Celebrated Loots being returned from overseas are sanctified by Abubakar Malami as “Abacha ‘s Assets” while Yet-To-Be-Proven cases of wrong acquisition by lesser beings from the other side are already labeled ‘Loots’; unarmed, Flag-Waving Seekers of ‘Biafra’ are tagged Terrorists and Shot at sight while Heavily Armed and Murderous Fulani Militia are described as “Herdsmen” who must be allowed to graze their Cows wherever they choose in Southern and Middle-Belt Nigeria, including cropped Farmlands. One side constituted a Kangaroo Court, tried, convicted and booted out a sitting Chief Justice of the “Federation of Nigeria” from the other side on trumped up charges.

It may well be that the Caliphate Proprietors of these Brazen Nepotisims are under the illusion that they are so smart that no one of the Victims will Notice.

It may well be they think we do not notice that they consciously select the very worst from amongst the other side of the Map, to sprinkle amongst their Caliphate minions in Abuja, just to create the impression that every part is participating. That is what the miserable Appointments like those of Loretta Onochie and Osita Okechukwu serve.

Let it be known to all that when you are on a Construction Site, and 75% of those on that Site are working hard to Take Down the Structure you are trying to erect on the basis of Disputed Architectural Design, that Construction will soon come to grief. That is the fate of the Unitary Nigeria being Constructed on the Foundation of the Repudiated and Rejected 1999 Constitution by the Caliphate. It will come crashing. Unitary Nigeria is not our Project. It is the Project of the Caliphate whose creed is Nepotism. The Soul of the Federal Nigeria which was our Project departed since 1966 in the midst mass murders and it is a question of time for the Carcass to be interred.

  • Tony Nnadi is a Constitutional Law Attorney and Secretary General of both the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) and Movement for New Nigeria (MNN).