Opinion | The 1999 Constitution Is The Mechanism By Which We Are Held Bound In The Caliphate Prison Called “Nigeria”

The 1999 Constitution Is The Mechanism By Which We Are Held Bound In The Caliphate Prison Called “Nigeria” Operated By The Fulani: We Must Now Take Down That Constitution To Liberate Ourselves

This is the forged Title Deed by which the Caliphate Operators of One-Nigeria Owns the entire Country from Sokoto to Bonny Island. This is the Chain by which those who imposed this forged Title Deed hold the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria in Servitude.

The False Claim in the Preamble to the 1999 Fraud that “We The People” Enacted our Damnation is the Forgery referred to.

That False Claim that We The Constituent Peoples of Nigeria, Firmly and Solemnly Resolved to submit our Lands and Our Peoples into a Union named “Nigeria”, to be managed in the manner stipulated in that Document, is the sole reason we are locked down in a Union of Death, Attrition and Backwardness with the Fulani and their Allies who seek our extermination.

The 36-States and 774 LG Structure which creates a terribly skewed Permanent Political Majority and Permanent Political Minority at the Place of Decision-Making in the Three Arms of Government in Abuja, is the first big chain by which we are tethered to the Post inside the Caliphate Prison.

The 68-Item Federal Exclusive Legislative List which Comprehensively Expropriate Us all, of Key Economic Assets including Oil&Gas, vast Maritime Assets, Solid Minerals, etc and which sequestrate our Rights to Work those Assets to our own benefit (Electricity Generation & Transmission, Railways, Ports, Telecommunications etc), is another big chain by which we tethered. Also that Exclusive List strip us all of the Right to Autonomously Process who will Govern or Represent us (INEC Controlled by Abuja). That Exclusive List forbids us from Organizing our Own Security, (Police, Army and other SecurityForces Controlled by Abuja) or even Defend Ourselves from invading Fulani Murderers as it forbids of from touching Arms and Ammunition

This is Worse than Apartheid and any discussion about how we extricate ourselves from Death, Bondage and Subjugation MUST begin with the wholesale Jettisoning and dismantling of this Fraud of 1999. With the possible exception of a Full Scale Liberation War, anything else being contemplated for our extrication from Bondage and Misery, (including Elections under this Constitution), is simply inadequate, a product of ignorance and a waste of opportunity for Freedom.

It is not at all in the province of the National Assembly which itself is a product of the Fraudulent 1999 Constitution to Make, Remake by way of Review, the Constitutional Arrangement by which the Constitution Components of Nigeria will Federate themselves into one Political Union.

Those from the South and Middle Belt of Nigeria, who sit at the National Assembly in Abuja trying to usurp our Collective Sovereignty by the so-called “Constitution Review” Exercise announced in February 2020, should realize that what they are doing is Treasonous against their Constituents as their Legislative Mandate does not include Constitution-Making which requires Constituent Powers that Vest Exclusively in the Peoples of Nigeria as an Incident of their Sovereignty except they are confirming to us that they have now joined the Caliphate fully in the High Crime of Hijacking our Sovereignties for their Personal Benefit, thereby exposing their Constituents to Death, Misery and utter Subjugation.

Let it be known to them that Dire Consequences will attach for their individual roles in this Heinous Criminality when Unitary Nigeria snaps as the entrapped Constituent Components of the Defunct Federation of Nigeria (especially the South and Middle Belt) intensify their Preparations towards Invoking their Sovereign Powers to Terminate the Operation of the Toxic 1999 Constitution”.

Issued by the LNC/MNN Joint Secretariat
February 15, 2020.