Opinion | Sobomabo Jackrich: Chasing shadows in a fool’s paradise

By Okazu Powers

Earlier Today, I listened with utter disgust and disdain, The whining of one Mr. Sobomabo Jackrich in an attempt to bring the person and office of the Executive Governor of Rivers State to disrepute.

For those who do not know this man, He is popularly known as ‘Egberi Papa’ who is a Moral Burden to our society following his antecedents. He therefore has no moral justification to cast aspersions on the office and person of the Governor of Rivers State when He had an abysmal performance as Caretaker Chairman of Asari Toru Local Government Council where He threatened to beat up civil servants who refused to do his bidding. This gave rise to his rejection by stakeholders of the party in 2018, from becoming the Party flag Bearer in the 2018 Local Government Council Elections. He left the party and vowed to make the state ungovernable for Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.

On Rhythm 93.7fm, He talked about the Petroleum Industry Act where He brushed the members of the National Assembly and focused his frustration, faulting Governor Nyesom Wike of having no moral justification of talking about the PIA act when He hasn’t judiciously utilized the 13% Derivative Fund accrued from some Local Governments.

In order not to bore my readers, I will highlight some LGAs He mentioned. You see this is the reason why People should stop writing speeches for others, because You would be held accountable for what you Read and Media Houses must stop giving audience to people without checking their state of soundness especially when they have a history of Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

He said Wike has done Nothing in Emuoha and one would Laugh

In Emouha, Wike has Executed and is executing the following projects

  1. 16.5km Rumuji-Ibaa-Obele-Isiokpo Road(Completed)
  2. Isiodu Road(completed)
  3. The Mgbuitanwo Road(On going)
  4. The Rumuche-Rumuakunde-Ohna Awuse road
  5. The Emuoha campus of the Rivers state University
  6. Construction of 240M by 9.6M wide concrete bridge and 1.2km approach road at Agba-Ndele connecting Emuoha and Abua/Odual Local Government Areas
  7. 19 kilometer East/West -Rumuodogo 1-Rumuodogo 2- Rumuewhor Road in Emuoha LGA(On Going)
  8. The Akapbu – Itu – Omudoga road(On Going)
  9. The entire Elele Alimini Internal Roads spanning into over 19 streets and Roads
  10. The Emuoha General Hospital

In his joke, He mentioned Eleme and Khana

In Eleme where I come from, The Projects include

  1. Akpajo community: The Akpajo-Elelenwo road stretching from Akpajo junction to Elelenwo. This road alone increased the value of property in Akpajo by over 500%
  2. Alesa community: State School 1 Alesa and Comprehensive Secondary School Alesa
  3. Onne Community (Ward 7): Government Secondary School Onne.
    Complete perimeter fencing, Library, Assembly Hall, ICT Lab with over 100 computers, Biology Lab, Physics Lab and Chemistry Lab, 1 storey Corpers Lodge, Adminstrative Block, Over 30 classrooms.
  4. The Alesa-Agbonchia- Oyibo Road
  5. Eteo community (Ward 6) Comprehensive Secondary School Eteo comprising of a 36 class room block, library, Corpers lodge,An Administrative block, and An Assembly Hall/Auditorium.
  6. The General Hospital Ogale(Ward 3) Nchia Eleme
    100% completed.
  7. Woji-Aleto-Alesa Road going through a Forest to create a New City
  8. Nchia Internal roads covering 5 out of the 10 communities in Eleme

If I mention, Khana projects, You would all get bored reading

The man also talked about Umahi constructing 500 meters flyover in Ebonyi with N1.3 Billion and Wike is constructing a Flyover with N7 Billion

You wouldn’t blame him, What does He know?
Remember the speech was written for him. Have you ever seen him speaking from his mind? You will never attend any Night of a thousand Laughs in your Life.

To construct a Flyover, The sequence of construction will be as follows:

  1. Soil testing for the finding out the strength of flyover and type of foundation required
  2. Excavation
  3. After excavation piling takes place
  4. Pile cap are provided
  5. Pier
  6. Pier cap
  7. Bearings
  8. Constitution of retaining wall from end span from both sides
  9. Deck slab construction
  10. Road construction and bituminous layer

The most expensive part of constructing a Flyover is Number 3, The piling phase which is like the foundation is determined by the soil test.

The Terrain here is terrible for construction. Sometimes, You may require over 100 concrete piles and columns to build one flyover, In Ebonyi you will require less than 30% of that because of the Terrain. The soil stability in Ebonyi more stable than it is in Rivers State. The cost of concrete piling is no joke.

In Ebonyi, You require shallow Foundations because they typically have a wide base, which then transfers the weight of the load onto the topsoil. With a shallow foundation, the soil itself carries the burden.

In Rivers State, Deep foundations are usually narrow and penetrate through the topsoil to deeper stronger layers of the soil, So the Piles carry the burden.

In Ebonyi, Dave Umahi uses more of Direct Labour with less of Quality Assurance control, In Rivers State, we use Julius Berger with a world-class Reputation to defend.

In Anambra State for example, The Governor built a Flyover that failed integrity structural Integrity Test. Bricklayers and Masons were called to plaster the flyover, This is what Mr. Jackrich wants Nyesom Wike to do.

The Cost of Raw materials,Ebonyi have a number of quarry sites that can supply Base Course materials, The cost of buying these materials and transportation to Rivers State is neck breaking.

The Media should no longer be for sale to Ignorant Folks. If the wells of Jack Tein and Belema Oil has dried up, They should know that Nyesom Wike is not interested in patronising or empowering arm Twisters.

If e didn’t dey, It didn’t dey!

Okazu Powers is a political commentator and analyst.