Opinion | Reflections by Orient Harmony – 02

By Orient Harmony

Hello people of South-East and South-South Nigeria, this is your best friend Orient Harmony. I am an ideology that is about showing brotherly interest, brotherly concern, brotherly kindness, and brotherly care among us SESS people – that is, South-East and South-South together. Happy new year!

Today I am going to talk about “togetherness”. We have all heard words like, “We can never unite because we are too many tribes” or “It is not possible for so many tribes to be together”. Those who say so are either sad individuals who lack love in their lives so do not understand unity, or what I think is more likely, they are people who have heard such negative statements so often that they have begun to believe them.

Having done some research, there are 66 main ethnic nationalities among us SESS people. Here are some facts to compare us with other countries:

  • There are around 645 distinct tribes in India.
  • China is composed of 56 ethnic groups.
  • There are over 100 ethnic groups living in Ghana.
  • There are over 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia.
  • There are over 100 identified ethnic groups in Russia.
  • There are over 70 distinct ethnic groups in Kenya.
  • There are 72 ethnic groups in Zambia.
  • There are about 305 indigenous tribes living in Brazil.

So friends, small Indonesia has 300 ethnic groups, look at Ghana too with 100 ethnic groups, so of course it will be easy for us SESS people of just 66 ethnic groups to live in harmony, in Orient Harmony (ha ha ha!).

Going further, reality can have several levels. Even though we are 66 ethnic nationalities in SESS bloc and we should be very proud of our own particular culture and acknowledge it, we are nevertheless a HOMOGENEOUS unit! This is a reality, not fiction. We SESS people are a homogeneous group because we have ONE main religious belief, that is, Christianity. Our common religion gives us a sense of homogeneity. Do you get that! So yes, we are 66 wonderful and special diverse ethnic
nationalities. That is one reality. But we SESS people are also homogeneous through our common thread of Christianity. This is another reality! Our SESS Bloc is known and seen as the Christian region of Nigeria.

Apart from our own particular ethnic culture linked to our ethnic nationality, that common religion of Christianity that we have, gives us a common Christian culture too. Thus, through Christianity we have the same aspirations in life. Groups of people with a common aspiration are always able to live together in peace and harmony. This is because we want similar things, we have similar values, we have similar hopes: thus making us compatible together.

Change is coming to Nigeria. We see the real possibility of the Yoruba forming their own Oduduwa Nation. We see what was once North-Central refusing that name and the people facing genocide there, saying they are Middle Belt, and seeking self-determination for themselves. So what about us SESS people?

For geo-economic reasons too, SE and SS are most powerful when together. Some of us may not yet be aware, but there is already an authentic platform that unites the ethnic nationalities of the South-East and South-South together. It is the Lower Niger Congress (LNC). The President of the LNC is an Itsekiri man, Elder Fred Agbeyegbe, a lawyer, writer, political activist and chieftain of National Democratic Coalition (NADECO). LNC is providing political unity and stability in our SESS area, while I,
Orient Harmony am our IDEOLOGY of brotherly concern and care among us!

In the 21st century world, alliances are necessary for progress. So it’s good to know that LNC works with Yoruba and Middle Belt as the MNN Alliance (Movement for New Nigeria) to together spearhead democratic configurations based on justice, for Nigeria. Here is something to think about: the MNN Alliance proposed four-Bloc structure:

For administrative reasons, our SESS Bloc is referred to as the Lower Niger Bloc. This is just a
TEMPORARY name. I don’t believe in causing confusion, but would rather build upon what is already there. My research shows that LNC started building a foundation for us since at least 1999, so let’s add to it and strengthen, not destroy things that are on ground. Orient Harmony is not a destructive ideology, but a positive influence. I am therefore going to stop referring to us as “SESS people”.

Sooo… What do you think of calling us LN-ites and our area as LN Bloc?
LN-ites and LN Bloc! I think it’s pretty cool! Hope you do too!

None of us know what will happen to Nigeria. Will it remain one country? Will it be restructured? Will it break up? We do not know. Our people will remain on our ancestral lands as we have always done, no matter what happens to Nigeria. But what we do know is that we, the LN-ites are under Christ and we want His will for our people, because it is for our good and for His glory. If He wants us in Nigeria, we will be happy. If He wants us out of Nigeria, we will also be happy. Either way, our
hope is in Him, and our happiness is in His will for us coming to pass.

Until the next time, this is Orient Harmony signing off!