Opinion | Immediate Economic Dividends Of Turning Rivers State Into A Construction Site

By Dornubari Kiinee
Rivers Governor Nyesom Wike’s Special Adviser and Head, Bureau for Special Project, Dax George-Kelly (on sunglasses), supervising an ongoing construction site.

A lot has been said in several fora about the unfurling of projects in every nook and cranny of Rivers State by Governor Nyesom Wike. But miniature attention has been paid to massive job opportunities, and individual economic emancipation fashioned by mere executing these projects of different shades and levels.

Panegyrising over a hundred thousand of skilled and unskilled jobs created by building infrastructure in the state since 2015 cannot be overemphasised. Though armchair critics of this administration are making frantic attempt to trivialise such gain, but it is too glaring to be counterbalanced by mischief.

Aside from the workforce drawn from the indigenous population of Rivers State, that are directly involved in these epidemic-like constructions, a lot of people have made a fortune from supplying different building materials for these projects.

Like we all know, there is always room for designating some persons to make supplies for several building materials and services in any big project, especially one being executed by the government.

Supplying for construction is so complex that one person can barely do it alone. Capital, means of transportation, and reliable source of saucing the materials are the tools you need to effect a successful supply, one person cannot have it all. That is where partnership comes in; you would see about 50 persons benefiting from supplying of a particular material that was originally assigned to 10 persons.

All I’m trying to say is this; project that you are seeing with your myopic eyes just as government doling out money to a construction company to erect for a specific purpose in the society, is also serving as means of massive empowerment and employment for fellow ordinary citizens like you and me whilst it’s being constructed.

To be more specific; all aspect of sand business is really booming right now in Rivers State because of massive constructions going on in every part of the state. Dredging firms, truck owners/drivers, and suppliers are all smiling to the bank big time courtesy of Wike’s relentless project execution. In fact, sand dump in Rivers State no longer have the capacity to match up the kind of work going on, that some truck drivers have to go as far as neighbouring states to bring sand into the state to meet up overwhelming demand.

At the expiration of this administration, Rivers State will not only boast of tackling decades of infrastructural decay, but would have also succeeded in empowering many of its people economically, in the process of achieving the former.

Dornubari Kiinee, a public affairs analyst, writes from Port Harcourt, Nigeria.