Opinion | Ijaw And Niger Delta: This Is Resistance To Provocation, Not War Of Armed Resistance

By Miabiye Kuromiema

Buhari has fallen. He has failed. He is soon to expire out. Peace and democracy is doing its last battled against violence and dictatorship. We must resist the provocation to move toward armed resistance. Buhari who knows he is soon to come to an end is looking to provoke us to point where he can now find reasons to over run our land. Do not go to war of arms. Stand on war for peace, democracy according to the rule of Law. We will triumph.

We will not bear arms in war against a vagabond army. That army is not the army of Nigeria. It is an Army of renegades. IJAW and Niger Delta, Buhari brays for blood. Do not let him spill blood of our people by wars of vengenance or retaliations. He is a failure. Let them not provoke you to his path of bloodletting.

Remember Goodluck Jonathan in 2015. It was his approach that revealed Buhari as failure, we would never had proven to ourselves and the entire world that Mr. Integrity, Anti-corruption together with his promise to secure Nigeria is a huge fraud. All that has being proven beyond a shadow of doubt. Buhari is a lie in nature. What he is, is what he is not and what he is not is what he is. He is an anti-type. When he is Appearing strongest then also he is weakest. Buhari is at his weakest moment now. The sign of militarization of our civil and democratic space is evidently weakness and failure.

Buhari is passing away. He is fading away. Buhari is expiring. If you fall to the temptation of yielding to his provocation to war and bloodletting, you are giving him a new lease of life. Vengeance, hate, retaliation and bloodletting will empower him on a vagabond mission. He is an outcast to democracy. You know why Atiku is defeating him? Simply by pursuing , civil action. They beg he should not go to court because it will show his weakness. The way it did with the CJN. Buhari can not stand democratic forces. Buhari is a dictator chained in a democratic society that Nigeria has become. He is completely unable to operate within the spirit , culture and normative practices of democracy. That is how and why he is defeated and will be defeated.

Did you see APC and Oshiomole, Akpabio, Slyva, Uduaghan and Amaechi, etc? These are same PDP people who claim they are fighting corruption of 16years rot of PDP misgovrrnance. Rot which they spare headed in the 16 years. They have been possessed by spirit of violence, domination, manipulation and terrorization. That is the spirit that flows from Buhari. They are all trapped in it. To tame them do not yield to the invitation to violence which they provoke in you. Stand for peace, stand for Love. Stand for civility, stand for rule of law and stand for democracy.

Hold firm to Faith in God for the florish of the civil order. Like the women of Ogu, Okirika and Port Harcourt LGAs. Like the people of Rivers State. Do not allow fear take hold of your hearts. Do not stop speaking peace to the realm. Do not stop acting with firmness in civilized behavior according to law, but with Love and Good Conscience to God, Our nation and all its peoples.

If they want to arrest you for speaking peace or protesting peacefully, do not resist them. Give them yout two hand and feets for their chains. Let their prisons be filled with peace loving Niger Delta people who have committed no crime but seek promote and demand peace and lawful conduct of citizens and institutions of state and their operators.

It is time to defeat violence, our weapon is peace. It is time to defeat fear and terror our weapon is fearlessness. It is time to defeat manipulative lies, our weapon is declaring truth firmly and resolutely. It is time to defeat indignity against all men, our weapon is hold strong and firm to dignity of humanity. It is time to defeat hate and vengeful anger, our weapon is Love in Good Conscience.

It is not fulani vs Ijaw. It is no North vs South. It not Christian vs Muslim. It is not the Rich vs the Poor. It is peace vs violence. It is democracy vs dictatorship. It is rule of law vs rule of might. Let us identify our battle and the real enemies and real partners. Let us fight side by side with army of promoters of peace, rule of law and democracy. Let us with our real weapons confront our real enemies and make minced meat of their arsenals.

Be happy. Fill your soul with Joyous celebration. Sing songs of Love for God, Nation, People and lawfulness and civil conduct. Hold celebratary feasts everywhere. Buhari and the Old order is Gone. They will not make the Niger Delta a theater of war and bloodletting. We are a people free from fear, free from violence. Free from fear of the intimidators. We are a people free to leave in peace and love no matter the provacation. This is who we are. This is what we live for. This is what we shall provide for.

God bless Ijaw Nation
God bless Niger Delta Nations
God bless Nigeria’s Nations

Miabiye Kuromiema, a former President of a Niger Delta Self-determination group, the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), wrote in from Katy, Texas

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