Opinion | False Equivalences And APC Justification Of Their Criminality

By Ena Ofugara

People keep talking bullcrap about how Jonathan back then bullied Amaechi and disrupted Rivers elections and that Amaechi is doing payback.

I challenge the people to present video of the army under Jonathan bullying Amaechi or any APC person.

Amaechi was in collation centers or at least the window. The only time Amaechi was stopped by the army was in Ekiti election. What was he doing in Ekiti. And even then, we do not know the full story as again, no one took videos of it. APC and their press-power spun a lot of tales against Jonathan back then and even now

So NO. Not newspaper story of Amaechi lying that he was locked out of government house. Camera phones and internet was available then

Show videos of Jonathan’s army beating up people and stealing ballot boxes and shooting anyone, either in Ekiti or anywhere.

By evening of the election day in Ekiti, Fayemi had congratulated Fayose. It took a week for Fayemi to be railroaded by APC people to say there was rigging. He accepted the result the very hour the CONCLUSIVE election result was announced and without undue gbormorgbormor delays.

The worst evidence they can produce is a useless phonecall of a purported confesssion by a military man

Show videos of any APC supporter being stopped from voting in 2015.

In fact, it was Amaechi STOPPING Jonathan from using a government stadium for campaign. Even Ganduje let Kwankwaso and Atiku use Kano stadium. It was Amaechi bullying Jonathan all through, calling Wole Soyinka to insult Jonathan’s wife and call her Manatee and Shepopotamos.

Papers reported rubbish without evidence

That Sahara Reporter guy that ran for president, thunder will fire him for his lies

Show us videos of soldiers under Jonathan or even OBJ or at any previous election helping THIEVES steal ballot boxes.

Buhari is a disgrace to Africa and evolving leadership. He is the type of anachronism that sane people ought have spat out.

Who uses soldiers to shoot at an election observer and kill after threatening to put them in bodybags? Who stops election monitors as they did in Rivers? Who in this day and age does that?

Or you have not seen the EU observers who said the army stopped them from monitoring the election??

We have sunk to ugly depths and idiots try to justify a cesspool with false equivalence

Jonathan or PDP never went about burning people’s votes nor stopping people from voting because they know how a tribe is likely to vote and so prevent them from voting

The false equivalences must stop. Defend the shameful and desperate actions of your Buhari and Amaechi without bringing Jonathan’s name into it… except you have video evidence like the plethora we have of the disruptive conniving instigating criminal army under a smelly Commander in Chief.

Ena Ofugara, a prolific writer, activist, political commentator and strategist, writes from the U.S.