Opinion | An Open Letter to President Buhari: Before We Are All Consumed

With a heart full of pains, I wish to beg the federal government to do something tangible to curtail the incessant killing of Nigerians.

It has become a daily occurrence and pitiful, the same stories and stories are all we are fed with by our security agents.

Nigerians are being killed, properties destroyed and many people displaced from their homes, as if we are in a movie theatre.

For Christ’s sake, this is a nation and not a jungle, and under a government’s administration.

If I could recall, one of the major function of a functional government is to protect and save the lives and properties of her citizens.

Who can answer me, as I am hurt concerning the underlisted questions?

> Why are we experiencing these unfortunate incidents of barbarism and our government is behaving as if nothing is happening?
> Why is my president not moody at the incessant killings of Nigerians or even cancel some of his foreign trips at this dark period of human carnage in Nigeria; just to commensurate with the victims families and Nigerians as a whole?
> Why can’t we have a mourning period for those Nigerians, who lost their lives?
> Why is the government officials only vocal at talk and talk about the deaths, without any show of remorse, as if lives are no more sacred?

In a decent society, our national flag should have been flown half masked, and we could have clearly observed the soberness of those, whose major function is to dole out press releases, that are so dry to recognise the deaths, instead of blames and excuses.

The rate of killings are becoming alarming and it’s like the government is only dealing with this absurdity by always circulating press releases of causes, blames and excuses, as if, those are the most paramounts to quell this obnoxious madness.

I am advocating that the federal government should declare a state of emergency in all the states of the federation, pending when concrete solutions are found.

Apart from Lagos State, I don’t know any other state, where citizens can walk freely at early mornings and late nights.

The ripples of killing that started in the North East has been deadly ignited in North Central and some part of South West.

As the government is still shielding Miyetti Allah group without open castigations or outright proscribing the herbsmen as a terrorist group, sooner than later, other states that are keeping quiet will be hit too.

A situation where citizens are afriad of one another, especially in the early mornings and late nights is not showcasing a nation in good security healthiness.

Declaring the state of emergency in all the states, especially now that the state police has not commenced, will help the security agents to monitor any violence within those vulnerable hours of attacks.

Remember that, wars are prepared at the time of PEACE.

We won’t wait until the whole nation is engulfed, before rushing for any palliative measure.
Finding a lasting solution must start now, otherwise, 2019 electioneering year, may be the beginning of the starting point.

Nigeria is at war with herself, there’s no need deceiving ourselves.
But unfortunately, our leaders are behaving as a set of cursed personalities, without any idea of the impending inferno about to engulf the entire nation.

And the earlier we come out with a permanent solution now, the better for every Nigerian.


I am pleading with all Nigerians to see one another as humans first, shun hatred and refuse to be used as an instrument of destructions and killings.
The man, woman, child or aged, you want to kill has nothing to do with the ecological problem of desertification or economic hardships.

We are all products of God’s Sovereignty, either in birth, race, colour and even religion.

How can anyone derive pleasure in feasting on someone else bereavement?

We need love as never before, and only love can activate God’s benevolence blessings and peaceful coexistence amongst us.

Be blessed as you shun bloodshed. Amen.

Written by Sunny Oby Maduka, PhD