#LazyNigerianYouth remark: See a Nigerian youth, May Ubeku’s reaction

Lazy freebies seeking youths.

Every opportunity Buhari gets in front of the international communities, he demarkets Nigeria and her people regardless of the dire consequences on our international image.

This man never speaks to us at home, he does that only when he’s abroad. As painful as it may seem, I have no words for Buhari aside looking forward to when he would stop being my president.

Those I have words for are the shameless young Nigerians defending a man who spent 35 years of his post-head of state life doing NOTHING other than collect pension and thereafter waited to be voted in as president.

This was how he called Nigerians criminals and some of you defended that crap making posts to explain what Buhari meant in the name of political sentiment claiming he said the truth. Truth about what exactly?

60 years after crude oil was discovered, Nigeria has no functional Refinery. No standard hospital. No standard airport. No roads etc. Is this because our youths are lazy? What has Nigeria given back to her people in terms of infrastructures to support their hustles despite the billions of dollars gotten from crude oil? Yet you defend Buhari’s despicable statement.

The Nigerian state constantly use the nation’s resources to empower the rich while the masses continuously live in penury and some of you come on social media to defend such absurdity.

Now I understand our elites aren’t the problem. You on SM taking sides with those robbing the masses is indeed the problem of Nigeria!

You are mentally LAZY to understand you are being robbed and instigated to fight each other instead of those who rob you!

Emancipate your mind.

May Ubeku shared her thoughts on her Facebook wall yesterday.