Lagos launches emergency polio vaccination campaign: Your child’s life depends on it!

Lagos launches emergency polio vaccination campaign: Your child’s life depends on it!

In a recent statement, the Permanent Secretary of the Lagos State Primary Health Care Board (LSPHCB), Dr. Ibrahim Mustafa, announced that the state government, in collaboration with the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), has launched a Polio Outbreak Response (OBR) Campaign following the discovery of circulating poliovirus strains in the state.

This news comes as a surprise, as Nigeria was certified Wild Polio Virus (WPV) free on 25 August 2020, after three consecutive years of reporting no cases of WPV.

However, Dr. Mustafa explained that some countries still transmit the wild polio variant, which has seen an increase in some states across Nigeria due to low routine immunization coverage.

The campaign, which will take place between January 21 and 24 in all Local Government Areas and Local Council Development Areas of the state, aims to vaccinate all children aged 0 to five years with two drops of the oral polio vaccine, regardless of their previous vaccination status. This is to prevent poliomyelitis, a disease that can cause paralysis or death.

Dr. Mustafa also announced that vaccination teams will visit residential homes, schools, churches, mosques, gated estates, and all public places where eligible children can be found.

He urged parents, guardians, community leaders, pastors and imams to ensure that all eligible children are vaccinated during the campaign in their communities.

In addition, routine immunization services will be available at primary health centers during the campaign.

Dr. Mustafa also advised that all children under the age of two years complete their routine immunization as scheduled, emphasizing that immunization is effective, safe and free.

This OBR campaign is critical in maintaining Nigeria’s polio-free status, which was achieved after years of hard work and dedication.

It is important for all eligible children to be vaccinated during the campaign in order to prevent a setback in the country’s achievements and protect the health of Nigerian citizens.

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