Bayelsa State

Jane Dam Dede disowns Facebook post after defamation lawsuit by Elvis Donkemezuo

Jame Dam Dede faces defamation lawsuit by Elvis Donkemezuo at the high court in Yenagoa.

Jane Dam Dede has disowned a May 4, 2018 post she made on Facebook, in which she made damning allegations against Elvis Donkemezuo, after the latter slammed a defamation lawsuit against her.

In a lawsuit (Elvis Donkemezuo v Jane Gem Dede) filed by his lawyers at the Bayelsa State High in Yenagoa, Elvis is alleging that Jane defamed is character and is making a demand for six hundred million naira in damages.

The matter has been assigned to Hon. Justice T.Y. Abasi of State High Court 9.

However, in a dramatic twist, sworn counter affidavits pending before the court reveals that Jane Dam Dede has denied the above allegation.

On Friday, November 13, the case came up for hearing and two witnesses testified before the court against Jane Dam Dede saying they saw the post on her wall.

However, Jane’s lawyers argued for proof. The case was adjourned to December 4, 2020 for further hearing.

One of Elvis Donkemezuo’s evidence against Jane Dam Dede.

Jane Dam Dede lawyers refuse to speak to reporters after the case was adjourned stating reasons of the absent of his client in court. Nonetheless, Elvis’s lawyer and witness did speak to our correspondent.