How Dumping Almajiris Upon Middle-belt, Southern States May Break Nigeria – LNC/MNN Joint Secretariat

A powerful Self-determination alliance in Nigeria, made up of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) and its Movement for New Nigeria (MNN) partners, has sounded what it described as a union distress alert about a recent pattern of dumping large numbers of almajiris from some COVID-19-infested Northern states on some Middle-belt and Southern states.

The Alliance, in a statement signed on its behalf by its Secretary General, Tony Nnadi, warned that this “may be the last straw that will break the toxic union of Nigeria.”

The LNC/MNN Alliance said: “By the Reports coming in from several States in Southern and Middle-Belt Territories of Nigeria, it is clear that the Feudalist Sharia States of the North, (particularly the Covid-19-ravaged Kano State), are dumping large populations of their Almajiris on the Southern and Middle-Belt States of Nigeria, amidst palpable fears of the spread of the deadly Covid-19 Pandemic in Nigeria.

“Happening at a time the whole of Nigeria is under a “Federal” Government-Imposed Lockdown, the smooth passage of the many trucks conveying these dangerous human cargoes, is evidence of Collusion and Facilitation by the “Federal Government” and Northern-Controlled Armed Security Agencies including the Army, Police, DSS, Civil Defence, Immigration and Customs, that man the North-South Highways, in aid of these illicit Mass-Transportation of large numbers of Potential Covid-19-Infected Almajiris from the North.

“If anyone is in doubt about the aforementioned “Federal Government” collusion, the Threat of War in Nigeria by one Glorified Almajiri called Yerima Shettima, should the Southern States turn back the Almajiris from the Sharia North, should Clear that doubt, especially when we recall that the same Yerima Shettima, parades himself as the Leader of the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, which had in 2017, issued a Quit Notice to the Igbo in the North, with the undisguised support of the “Federal Government” and Sharia North States (recall that the Middle-Belt States had loudly rejected that reckless Quit Notice action and assured the Igbo who were being threatened of safety once they can get into any of the Middle-Belt States).

“This current act of War (even if Biological), by the Sharia North against the Peoples of the South and Middle-Belt of Nigeria, with the Collusion of the so-called “Federal Government of Nigeria” and it’s Armed Security Services, is coming on the heels of the yet-to-abate Ethnic Cleansing Onslaught against the Indigenous Nationalities of Nigeria, (especially in the Middle-Belt and Southern Nigeria), by heavily armed Fulani Militiamen masquerading as “Herdmen” with the Collusion of the Fulani Caliphate-Controlled “Federal Government” and it’s Armed Forces, as exposed by Nigeria’s Former Defense Minister, Lt-Gen Theophilus Danjuma in March 2018.

“Let it be known to all that this current escalation of the Charged Sovereignty Disputes already raging in Nigeria, compounded by the the Repudiated Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Constitution, has the potential of pushing the Distressed Federation of Nigeria past the Breaking-Point, into a disorderly Disintegration.

“Let the Sharia North and their Collaborators in the Caliphate-Controlled “Federal Government” of Nigeria, realize that an overwhelming Majority of the Peoples of Southern and Middle-Belt of Nigeria, already moved past the 1967 Obdurate Gowonian Task of Keeping Nigeria One. They now, together, seek most urgently, to extricate themselves from the Toxic Unitary Union of Death, Attrition and Backwardness, Imposed on them by a Stone-Age Civilization which Owes it a Duty of Faith to Kill those it calls “Infidels” and which Holds that All Men Are Not Born Equal.

“Let it be known to the Belligerent and Unthinking Caliphate North, that their much cherished Political ASSETS of Sharia and Feudalism have together, produced for them this much dreaded LIABILITY in the form of the Multitudes of Almajiris who they now seek to dump on the South, with a Threat of War if the South should resist the dumping of this huge and dangerous Liability on it by the Caliphate North.

“Unfortunately for the Miserable Caliphate North, the Battlefield Formations in Nigeria have changed Radically from what they were in 1967 when the Caliphate could rally the Middle-Belt and the West into an Alliance, to isolate the East. Today, that 1967 Caliphate-led Alliance has been Defeated, Dismantled and Displaced into Isolation, by the Solid MNN Alliance of the South and Middle-Belt, bound together by the Principles of the Sanctity Human Life and the Equality of All Men.

“On the International Circuit, the Britain that was the Caliphate Backbone in 1967 is now a dying Monster, gasping for air while the US that is at War against ISIS-Driven Global Terror, now has its gaze fixed on the ISIS/ISWAP/Boko-Haram/Fulani-Herdsmen West African Operational Base which is Co-Located with the 12-State Sharia Contiguity of the Caliphate North, from where the Ethno-Religious Killings against the Overwhelmingly Christian Indigenous Nationalities of Nigeria is being coordinated.

“The LNC/MNN Joint Secretariat, therefore invite the Peoples of Southern and Middle-Belt of Nigeria, to rally behind the MNN Alliance in the Forthcoming Constitutional Force Majeure by which the South and Middle-Belt will Take Down the Caliphate-Imposed Fraudulent 1999 Constitution and extricate themselves from the Caliphate-Imposed Unitary Union of Death, Attrition and Backwardness, foisted on them by that Toxic Constitution, thereby Correcting the Mistake of 1914.”

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