CPC intervenes for Nigerians as Ford recalls 1.4m vehicles

Mr Babatunde Irukera, Director-General, Consumer Protection Council (CPC) has called on Nigerians using Ford vehicles to contact the organisation following a recall in the U.S. of about 1.4 million vehicles by Ford Motor Company.

Irukera who made the call in a statement on Monday in Abuja said the recall announced on Wednesday, was due to bolt faults.

He also urged Nigerians using the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ models of 2014-2018 to immediately contact it by sending an e-mail to

”The purpose of the recall is that on some models, steering wheel bolts could become loose and cause the steering wheel to potentially detach. This could lead to a serious accident.

“Ford admits that it has become aware of two accidents and one injury that may have been caused by the problem.”

He also said that the specific Fusion versions affected were the Fusion S, SE, Hybrid S, SE, Hybrid Titanium, Fusion Energi SE, Energi Titanium, Fusion Sport, Fusion Platinum, Fusion Hybrid Platinum and Fusion Energi Platinum.

The director-general said that the recall applied to every version of the Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln MKZ Premier, Hybrid Premier and Black Label.

“In addition to the above, but on a separate note, Ford is also recalling another 6,000 Fusion and Ford Focus models due to a risk of fire from a fracture in the clutch pressure plate.

“The relevant model years are 2013-2016.”

Irukera said that although the recall appeared to be limited to North America, the council was in the process of contacting local Ford dealers to verify the batch, lot or group of individual vehicles involved and whether any was imported and sold in Nigeria.

He, however, said that the CPC recognised that some of the versions of the subject models were unlikely to have been manufactured for possible export to Nigeria.

He added that considering that some could have been, and proceeding in an abundance of caution for the safety of Nigerian consumers, Nigerians who owned or drove the said models should contact the organisation.

“The e-mail should include the specific model, year and version of the car, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which is located on the top left side of the dashboard and is in view from and through the windscreen of the vehicle.

“The e-mail should also include the name, telephone number and any other contact information for the owner or driver of the vehicle. The subject of the e-mail should be Ford 2018 Recall.”

Irukera added that the CPC would provide relevant updates, warning or advisories where applicable. (NAN)

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