CC4A: Atiku deserves to be supported


We are delighted to welcome you all to this historic event, the launch of the website of Concerned Citizens for Atiku (CC4ATIKU). 

For the records, Concerned Citizens for Atiku is a non-discriminatory, non-ethnic, non-religious political pressure group and assembly of patriots dedicated to the philosophy that based on his experience and pedigree, His Excellency, the next President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, deserves to be supported to contest and secure the office of the number one citizen come 2019.

This mission is informed by a historical necessity to change the narrative of our country from that of a severely abused, destroyed and comprehensively mismanaged corporate entity to that of a genuinely focused, properly administered and effectively functional society that is desirous of taking a prominent position in the comity of civilized countries.

We believe that this can only be achieved with the visionary leadership of Atiku Abubakar. To this end, this movement, aptly named Concerned Citizens for Atiku, is supporting and painstakingly working hard for Your Excellency. We believe you are an embodiment of the kind of leader on whose shoulders the capacity to save the Nigerian ship from sinking should lie.

We are fully mobilised for this urgent national task. Our members cut across all class of people in the society, and we are very active in the 36 states of the federation, the Federal Capital Territory, and in the Diaspora, and each chapter is headed by capable Co-ordinators.

Permit me to inform Your Excellency that members of CC4ATIKU have already started working in their various operational bases by spreading out into the local governments to recruit members/volunteers. And we are fully aware of the magnitude of this task we have undertaken on your behalf and fully confident in delivering our quota of what is needed to make your victory, our victory and indeed Nigeria’s victory come 2019.

Our immediate goal is to work round the clock, sensitizing young Nigerians of whom you have spoken and acted very passionately about, and stimulating awareness on significant achievements recorded under your unrivalled leadership throughout your career in public service as well as your visionary strides in private business practice.

The mission of CC4ATIKU is to institute an agenda of rescuing Nigeria from the brink of imminent catastrophe, an agenda championed and established through the Nigerian youths to bring to realisation a country where leadership fulfills its obligations to the common man.

Our vision is to be seen and acknowledged as the authentic reference point among pressure groups and the incomparable catalyst for purposeful change in the political development of Nigeria.

It is no longer news that Nigeria’s political landscape has once again become a market with both political contenders and pretenders flooding our timelines with intentions to purchase our votes in the build up to the 2019 general elections.  

With the presidential election upon us again, the role of information and communication technology cannot be overemphasized. In other developing and developed climes, politicians have embraced technology and harnessed the power of new communication mediums through channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or podcasting websites, to sway public opinion.

Through the clever use of technology, politicians have woken up entire generations of new potential voters. Everyone will agree with me that a candidate without some sort of online presence would now be at a terrible disadvantage as against candidates who are exploiting technology to offer credible alternatives to the despicable lot currently running the affairs of the nation. It is with this technological drive in mind that we have invited you today to launch this interactive website.

The new breed of Nigerian youths who are daily getting acquainted with the power of social media to market all acceptable products have unanimously agreed to be Atikulated.

It is on this note that we are optimistic that based on your honest and heartfelt pledge to work with the Nigerian youths, you sir are the best product to market, particularly in bringing about the change that all Nigerians earnestly yearn for.

The challenges facing the country today include terrorism, fractured hope, poverty, population explosion, poor infrastructure and lack of national cohesion. To solve these problems, we need a leader who can literally squeeze water out of stone.

An Atiku presidency is a dream worth pursuing. It is the thread that will hold Nigeria together. It is achievable, and we are evidence enough that young Nigerians can put aside their differences and pool their resources to ensure it becomes a reality.

In the run-up to 2019, we must get it right. We have been stagnant; we must move more steps forward to measure up with other progressive countries in the world.

As we launch the www.cc4atiku.org today, we  hereby, for the third time in the build up to the 2019 general election, call on the ‘Waziri Adamawa,’ His Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (GCON), to declare his intention to run for  the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This call is not just an appeal but a patriotic duty that must be fulfilled if Nigeria is to be rescued.


Thank you most sincerely, as we unanimously team up to make a bold statement in the quest for a greater Nigeria come 2019.