ASALGA Presidential Election Inconclusive: E.O. Dismisses Result Presented By LGA Returning Officer

By Kalada Jumbo

The Returning Officer for the Presidential Elections in Asari-Toru Local Government Area (ASALGA), Dr Steven Wordu, came out of hiding on Sunday, February 24, to present a result, which was later discovered to be fake, to the State Collation Officer at INEC office in Port Harcourt.

Drama started when it was discovered that the number of votes cast exceeded the number of accredited voters.

Moreso, the number of votes allotted to each party by the returning officer did not tally when put into the INEC excel sheet.

The LGA returning officer was therefore asked to go back with his results, reconcile the figures and come back the following day to defend his results.

He spent the whole night trying to reconcile the figures but it is doubtful the figures would ever match. Even parties that never contested the presidential elections were allocated figures.

They reconvened today to take a decision on the matter and the ASALGA Electoral Officer (E.O.) was asked to present his report. This is where the main drama started.

The Electoral Officer in charge of ASALGA, Mr Glen in presenting his report today, presented convincing evidences of result sheets snatching by both the military and thugs at polling units and also at the Collation Centre in the presence of security agencies.

The E.O. also presented reports from all Presiding Officers and Ward collation officers that supported the fact that materials were snatched by the military and some APC thugs.

The E.O. who was in possession of the stamp for all the results asked the returning officer where he got the fake stamp he used.

The E.O. also asked whether the returning officer declared any results at the Collation Centre in Buguma.

He also accused the LGA Returning Officer of disappearing with all result sheets with a colluding protection from the Army only to reappear the next day at INEC office in Port Harcourt for submission.

As at the time of filing this report, the returning officer hasn’t been able to defend himself, neither has he been able to reconcile his muddled up figures.

The available fact from results declared at the polling units is that the PDP won convincingly in ASALGA.

But, in the areas where the army was unable to penetrate with a total voting strength of over 50,000 votes, the results for wards, such as, 4, 7, 11, 12, and 13 for which voting peacefully took place and the PDP won with very high margins, the returning officer refused to collate them but rather connived with the military to snatch them and disappeared under their protection.

Summarily, the results for Asalga elections was inconclusive and is yet to be accepted by both the State Collation Officer (SCO) and the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC).

Such results can only be accepted when the E.O. and the Returning Officers in the LGA are in agreement and when there is proof of how figures were arrived at.

As we speak, the true position is that the ASALGA presidential election is inconclusive.

The public is therefore advised to disregard the cooked up figures that being spread around by certain elements.

There is information that pressure is being mounted by the APC on the REC and State Collation Officer to be part of the fraud but as we speak, the fake results haven’t been accepted.

However, the House of Reps and Senate results which have so far been collated, though inconclusive has PDP leading with a very high margin.

This is the true position about ASALGA. See attached a video proof of what transpired at the State Collation Centre today.

Meanwhile, the ASALGA Returning officer has up till now refused to collate and enter over 45,000 votes that successfully came in from the big wards: Wards 11, 12 and 13.

Instead, the LGA Returning Officer who himself snatched the result sheets as collated by the respective Ward Collation Officers with the help of the military wrote in his report that elections didn’t take place in such wards. That make it inconclusive for now.