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Analysis | Where things are headed for the defunct Federation of Nigeria – LNC

This is a press statement issued on behalf of Lower Niger Congress (LNC) by Tony Nnadi. LNC as an organization has been campaigning, along with its MNN partners, for the peaceful resolution of the protracted National Question that has made Nigeria unworkable since the constitutional crisis of 1966.

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The ghost of the defunct Federation of Nigeria that Collapsed since 1966, carried on with utmost brigandage for almost 50 years, killing, maiming, raping and plundering the Peoples of Constituent Components entrapped in the dead and decaying body politic called “Nigeria”.

Broken map

This MNN Map which emanated from the MNN LAGOS DECLARATION OF JUNE 2011, delineate the formations in which the trapped Sovereignties are making their exit from the failed toxic Lugardian experiment of 1914.

The 12-States Green Bloc Sharia contiguity had seceded from the Secular Union of Nigeria since year 2000 when it simultaneously imposed Sharia.

The balance of Nigeria which already rejected the so-called 1999 Constitution as the basis of the toxic, hopelessly fractured and totally unworkable Union,arranged themselves in viable cohesive units of Successor-State Entities, Post-Nigeria, namely, the Lower Niger, Yorubaland and the Middle Belt Territories, (Brown +. Blue + Purple on 4-Bloc MNN Map), and are already working out Fresh Protocols amongst themselves as willing, compatible contiguities away from the Strange Sharia Civilization that shut down any prospects of One Nigerian Federation since year 2000.

The last pretenses about the continuing existence of Nigeria as one political entity, perished since 2015 with the fractious Election of that year which exacerbated the Faultlines of Nigeria.

Those who are still sauntering around discussing Elections in 2019 under the obnoxious 1999 Constitution are either ignorant, dishonest or reckless. The owners of the defunct Federation of Nigeria have since moved on to other concerns relating to their future.

Confused Warmongering and Scaremongering elements who go around whispering and howling about War and Coup are simply demonstrating their complete ignorance of the history of how we got here as well as the geographical imperatives and the New Consensus amongst the entrapped Sovereignties. Simply put, one should be asking such Warmongering and Scaremongering folks : War between who and who? Coup over which Territory?

Nigeria had 50 years to restore itself to life since the accident of January 1966 but falsehood and vicious wickedness prevailed. The Soul of Eastern Region departed from the dead body of Nigeria in 1967 when ABURI was abandoned and violence was coronated. Those from the Middle Belt and Western Region who joined the Caliphate to kill 3.5 million fleeing Easterners between 1966 and 1970, now realize that Slaves have no rights including the right to live and so the souls of the Middle Belt and Western Nigeria also departed the dead body of Nigeria. The desperate attempt by the bloodletting Caliphate to maintain the pretense that the obdurate Gowonian Task of Keeping Nigeria One by Violence succeeded has now been shattered by one of the Task-Leaders of 1966-1970, Theophilus Danjuma who in 2018 alerted the whole World about the Ethnic Cleansing Agenda of the Caliphate which first targeted the Igbo in the 1966-1970 episode but which gradually got expanded to target the rest of the indigenous Peoples of the Defunct Federation of Nigeria. The Caliphate is on a seaward Conquest Mission to Claim the Carcass of Nigeria for itself alone. That Carcass is called Territory in Geography and that is what Awolowo described as the Mere Geographical Expression. The Mistake of 1914 has failed to rise above the Mere Geographical Expression it was.

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Tony Nnadi, LNC Secretary General