Analysis | The shooting in Ekiti

By Adewale Adeoye

It’s on a sad note that some people including former NANS President Opeyemi Bamidele was shot yesterday at twilight. The governorship aspirant, Dr Kayode Fayemi escaped the shots. This is extremely in bad taste.

We were told a police rating was involved and actually pulled the trigger. Why did he shoot in the midst of ecstatic crowd? What level of training has this policeman? We have accidental shooting of the lowly almost on a weekly basis. Now, a former House of Rep member is a victim. I understand this hour that Bamidele is in a stable condition. Thank Goodness.

Authorities need to probe this issue. The shooter was attached to a bank. He left the place to take part in the rally with his gun? Who gave him the permission? Does it mean the police do not take note of its officers’ movements with their guns? So,he could have left his duty to rob in the night? I also think police skill in crowd management in Nigerianis poor.

This is not to talk of police lowly discipline. Daily we see police ratings and officers drinking to stupor before raging to official duties. This incidence reflects the current levels of insecurity in Nigeria.

Nigerians are waiting for full disclosure on this unfortunate incidence. To say the least, the response of the state Governor Fayose is disappointing. He spoke as if he was little concerned about the shooting of innocent people. People should learn to place premium on human lives more than they place on politics. This is sad.

Adewale Adeoye is a prolific writer and founder, Journalists for Democratic Rights (JODER)