Analysis | Push to 2019 an endorsement of ongoing ethnic cleansing by Fulani herdsmen – by Tony Nnadi

Have you ever heard about the ABURI ACCORD of January 1967 and what it was all about? If no, then be informed that it was a demand by the injured Eastern Region for the Restoration of the Federal basis of Nigeria, destroyed by the bloody events of 1966.

Those who accepted, but later truncated the Agreement reached in ABURI and went on to levy the brutal genocidal War against Eastern Nigeria (Biafra1967-1970) which claimed the lives of 3.5 million Easterners, are the same people who blocked all attempts to resolve these issues since over 50 years and have continued to insist to date (April 2018) that the One-Nigeria of Master and Servant they imposed, now defined by the fraudulent 1999 Constitution is now nonnegotiable.

The aggrieved rest of Nigeria patiently initiated the very successful PRONACO Sovereign Peoples Conference 2005-2006, in which the Constituent Component Nationalities of Nigeria reached a New Consensus to restore Nigeria to its Federal Basis.

Again the same supremacists from the same 12-State Sharia Belt of the Caliphate North blocked the implementation of that New Consensus and rather violently staged a return to power 2015 using Boko Haram. However the rest of Nigeria had in 2011 moved on to dismantle the 1999 Constitution and the Master-Servant Nigeria it creates and foists and to simultaneously and jointly recover their hijacked Sovereignties held down by the Caliphate Suzerainty called “Nigeria” along the lines the MNN Map herein and to Forge Fresh Protocols amongst only willing, compatible continuities in unfettered Self-Determination whilst also allowing the Sharia Contiguity to proceed with their preferred civilization.

The LNC and it’s MNN Partners are in the vanguard of how these things will be fully executed and with the Consensus of the Brown, Blue and Purple (LN,SW & MB), Green (Sharia North) is now isolated into a hopeless minority. The desperation of Green to haul the rest of Nigeria into the 2019 Electoral Train under the rejected 1999 Constitution is an attempt to buy more time to rapidly finalize the execution of the undisguised Ethnic Cleansing they are already pursuing to reestablish ownership and control of Nigeria, reason the LNC and the MNN Alliance push to truncate the preps towards the 2019 Elections in order to trigger the inevitable reconfiguration of the defunct Federation of Nigeria which collapsed since 1966.

All the talk of “Restructuring” is to put the endangered rest of Nigeria to sleep while the enemy advances it’s Script. If after 51 years we could not Restructure Nigeria, let it be clear to all that the dissolution of the toxic Union is the default that has been activated by the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners and that matters are headed to Referendums, not Elections.

Tony Nnadi is Secretary General of Lower Niger Congress (LNC) and Movement for New Nigeria (MNN)